Signs and Wonders: Jesus' Ministry and Its Message
I. Christ the Anointed Prophet

I. Introduction to the Threefold Office (Munus Triplex)
Israel's anointed offices: Prophet, priest, king

II. Baptism Grounds the Anointed Offices
Baptism is Jesus' anointing, his inauguration
The offices are Spirit-empowered
Each office begins in Jesus' baptism, is tested in the wilderness, unfolds in Jesus' career, climaxes on the cross, continues in the Church, and culminates on the Last Day

III. Jewish Prophecy

What is Jewish prophecy? (Jeremiah 1:4ff)
Speech-acts are prophetic (Hosea 1, Jeremiah 19:1ff, John 2:1-11)
Dilemma: the "prophet like Moses" (Deut. 18:15-19, Acts 3:18-26) does not arrive

IV. Signs and Wonders of What?

Signs interpret, and need interpreting (counterexample: David Blaine)
Competing interpretations of Jesus' signs come from demons, crowds, authorities, and disciples (Mark 8:27ff, Mark 1:24)

V. Jesus the Prophet
The messianic mission: bring the Kingdom (Isaiah 61:1-2, Luke 4:18-22)
Satan's vision of prophethood: seek a sign (Luke 4:3-4, Deut. 8:3; Matt. 12:38-39)
Jesus' prophetic ministry begins with Jesus' baptism (Mark 1:22, Luke 4:14-22 again)
Prophetic highlights: Jesus does God's work on earth and proclaims God's Reign
The Kingdom is at hand: the end is near/here (Acts 2:19, Matt. 25:31ff)
Jesus is at its center, even as God's ultimate prophecy (John 1:18)
Prophetic climaxes are clearing the Temple, and especially the cross

VI. That All Were Prophets (Num. 11:29): Jesus the Prophet, Continued
We too are prophets (Acts 2, on Joel 2; 1 Cor. 11:5; John 16:12-15; Matt. 28:20)
We are like Moses, with whom Jesus speaks clearly and not in figures (Num. 12:6-8; Mark 4:11-12, John 16:29)
Rules of prophesying include faithfulness to Jesus' tradition and the building up of his Church (i.e., the work of Christ; 1 Cor. 14)
As prophets, we saints reveal Jesus to each other (John 16:12-15, Matt. 28:20, Acts 2, 1 Cor. 11:5)

VII. The Culmination of Prophecy
Jesus' words bring on the final act (Rev. 5:1-5) that defeats sin forever (Rev. 19:15)