A quiz for a creator

I. Knowledge in, of, and with Creation
In the creative process, is your knowledge
subjective (private)?
objective (public)?
focal (the 'goal' of your attention)?
(the mechanism of your attention)?

II. Analogous Creations
(How do the answers of the following questions relate to each other,
and to elements of the doctrine of creation that we are investigating?)
1. What have you created?
2. Out of what?
3. Through what techniques or steps?
4. What do we mean by calling it "your creation"?
5. What does your creation reveal about you?
6. Why did you make it (and not something else)?
7. I asked you to do it. In creating did you have the impression of willingness or unwillingness? freedom? coercion?
8. How did making it feel emotionally?
9. In what sense(s) do you 'know' your creation?
10. How did you do? Did it go as well as you hoped?
11. What will you do with it?
12. With more time, and/or different materials, what would (or will) be different?