The Shape of Theology

Christian doctrine describes and regulates Christian practice so that both are faithful to the good news of Jesus Christ. This course has been showing you all three of these aspects of Christian life and how they are interrelated. In this exercise I want you to explore some of the interrelationships we have not explicitly mentioned in class. My hope is that connecting the dots on your own will help you appreciate the power and coherence of the Christian tradition.

Review the 'entrance exam' you filled out at the beginning of the semester. On any three items or groups of items that do not explicitly mention 'Jesus' or 'Christ' (for instance, items 19-23 are all disqualified), describe the doctrine(s) most relevant to the answer, and explain how Christology definitively shapes the best answer. In other words, show how the doctrine or study of the person and work of Jesus Christ informs an appropriate answer (i.e., how one answers that question by "going through Atlanta").

Choose items where you learned Christology's relevance in a new way through readings, lectures, or other exercises, appealing to those sources to defend your answer. Even better, choose items where the Christological relevance is not immediately obvious.

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