Workbook Peer Review

One of the implications of us being a team is that students work with one another rather than simply with the professor. In my upper-division writing intensive classes, this means students review one another's written work using peer review guidelines I lay down ahead of time. This course is no longer formally writing intensive (though you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise). Nevertheless, I want to give you an opportunity to help a fellow student and to be helped in turn.

You will need to share your workbook with someone else in your group, and vice versa. (These do not need to be the same person. For instance, student A could share with student B, who could share with student C, who could share with student A.)

Create an entry in that person's workbook in which you offer an assessment of your fellow student's work so far. Specifically:

  1. Is that person caught up with assignments?
  2. How well are they following the individual guidelines in my workbook tips?
  3. What are your specific corrections or recommendations for improvement?

Put your name at the top of your entry so I know who you are!

Put a copy of your own comments in your own workbook (noting the name of your reviewee) so that your grade cannot suffer if that student somehow loses or changes your comments.

If one or more assignments are past due, please let me know by e-mail so I can follow up with the student before his or her grade suffers too much.

Once the other student has finished assessing your own workbook, remember to revoke that student's sharing rights.

If you have concerns regarding sensitive information in your workbook, then find a reader you trust, get his or her promise of confidentiality, or edit out the sensitive details, e-mail a copy to the student, and paste his or her name and full comments into your own workbook. Nevertheless, it is crucial that everyone in your group both review a workbook and have his or her workbook reviewed. Please make sure at a group meeting that everyone is covered.

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