Wise Nurture: The Writings

Reading: Ps 111.

The Psalter is Israel's hymnal, training its prayer and worship.
Worship constructs relationships of adoration of the true God, contrasting with the folly of idolatry.
Israel's priests were entrusted with the offices of teaching and worship.
Crucially, Jesus takes on those relationships as both worshipper and worshipped one of Israel.
Wisdom Literature
Wisdom literature (Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Wisdom, Sirach, etc.) is Israel's coach, training its judgment.
It constructs relationships of sonship (inheritance), contrasting with the follies of lust, greed, rebellion, and ignorance.
Israel's sages embodied and passed along their wisdom.
Jesus is God's primordial wisdom (Prov 8 in John 1:1-18), contrasting with human 'wisdom' (1 Cor 1:18-31).
Job radically links worship and wisdom, even under absurd suffering.
Apocalyptic (e.g., Daniel) links idolatry and immorality as primary offenses, intolerable and futile.
Life and Death Consequences
All these genres rend to reduce humanity to two extreme types: the worshipful and wise, and the heedless and foolish.
The wise bring blessing and prosperity on themselves and their families/neighbors/city/nation;
the foolish bring ruin and death.
People can cross over from one to the other.
Discipline and virtue characterize the lives of the wise.

So Israel's future depends on cultivating both traditions and persons of worship and wisdom.