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9/26 Introduction "Reason", "Religious Language", "Revelation", "Social Sciences", "Theology", "Wittgenstein, Ludwig"

The Shape of the Course

Syllabus, course, vision, tasks, reading

Skim Rules of the Game and A Few (Strong) Suggestions on Essay Writing

Know about Pointers for Presentations, Peer Review Guidelines (Peer Review FAQs are optional)


The Otherness of God

Complete entrance examinations this week

Barth foreword, "Barth, Karl," Exodus 3, "Analogy", "Kierkegaard, Søren", "Moses", "Ontological Argument", "Otto, Rudolf"

The Paradigm: Life from the Father, Death in the Son, Resurrection by the Spirit

WCC pp 10-16, Barth chs 1, 3-4, "Christianity", "Creeds", "Faith", "Fideism", "Irenaeus", "Kerygma", "Neo-orthodoxy", "Truth"

  Discussion: ___________________

Newbigin prefaces and chs 1-7, "Eighteenth Century: an Overview", "Enlightenment", "Israel", "Joy", "Newbigin, Lesslie", "Nineteenth Century: an Overview", "Post-Christian Thought", "Postmodernism", "Twentieth Century: an Overview"


God's Anointed: Jesus' New Relationship with the Holy Spirit, and Ours

The Threeness of God

Exercise on the Trinitarian paradigm due (revision due 10/17)

WCC pp 17-27, Barth ch 5, Matthew 3, Mark 1:1-11, Luke 3:1-22, John 1:19-51, "Prayer"

Luke 3:1-22, John 14-17, "Fatherhood", "God", "Holy Spirit", "Love", "Trinity", "Word/Logos"


Discussion: ___________________

Newbigin chs 8-10, "Contextual Theology", "Dialogue", "Evangelism", "Mbiti, John", "Mission", "Preaching/Homiletics", "Religion", "Weil, Simone"


The Threeness of God (continued)

WCC pp 27-35, Barth ch 6, "Feminist Theology", "Filioque", "Person", "Philosophy", "Process Theology", "Psychology", "Unitarianism"


Discussion: ___________________

Thompson intro and ch 1-3, "History", "Language"


From Jesus to Scripture: How Christ Instituted the Bible

Exercise on Trinity and Johannine theology due (revision due 10/31)

WCC pp 80-81, Barth ch 2, Psalm 19, Matthew 5:17-48, Luke 4:14-22, "Bible", "Fundamentalism", "Infallibility", "Lutheranism", "Modernism", "Modernity", "New Testament", "Old Testament"


Discussion: ___________________

Thompson chs 4-5 and conclusion


Scripture (and?) Tradition

"Authority", "Councils", "Dogma", "Galilei, Galileo", "Hermeneutics", "Higher Criticism", "Huss and Wyclif", "liberal Protestantism", "Literacy", "Luther, Martin", "Thomism (1)", "Tradition", "Translation, Biblical"

  Discussion: ___________________ Seamands chs 1-4, "Evangelicalism", "Ordination", "Ministry", "Pastoral Theology"

Creation as Trust

Exercise on a theology of God due (revision due 11/14)

WCC pp 35-41, Barth ch 7, Genesis 1:1-2:25, Psalm 104, "Angels", "Animals", "Atheism", "Cosmology", "Creation", "Demythologizing", "Dualism", "Genesis", "Gnosticism", "liberal Protestantism", "Metaphor", "Myth", "Nietzsche, Friedrich", "Plato and Platonism", "Poetry", "Science", "Time"

  Discussion: ___________________ Seamands chs 5-8

Creation as Trust (continued)

What Is the Image of God?

WCC pp 41-42, Barth chs 8-9, "Ecology", "Evolution", "Foreknowledge (Divine) and Freedom", "Heaven", "Omnipotence, Divine", "Omniscience, Divine", "Play", "Providence"

Genesis 2, "Adam", "Anthropology", "Deism", "Design", "Eve", "Family", "Humanity", "Immortality", "Man/Masculinity", "Obedience", "Sex and Sexuality", "Soul", "Woman/Femininity", "Work"

  Discussion: ___________________ Barron prelude and chs 1-5, "Dante Alighieri", "Merton, Thomas", "Middle Ages: an Overview", "Novel", "Pilgrim's Progress", "Teilhard de Chardin, Pierre", "Trent, Council of", "von Balthasar, Hans Urs"

Sin as Mistrust (and a lot more less)

Exercise on creation due (revision due 12/5)

Genesis 3:1-6:5, Romans 1:18-2:16, 5:12-14, "Cain", "Death", "Devil", "Dominican Theology", "Doubt", "Fall", "Hell", "Limbo", "Milton, John", "Motherhood", "Punishment", "Sin"

  Discussion: ___________________ Barron chs 6-10, "Catholicism", "Eastern Orthodox Theology", "Eternity", "John of the Cross", "Mysticism"

Depravity: What Can We Do About Sin?

The Heavens Declare ... What? Natural Theology

Exercise on humanity and sin (or, with my permission, on the entrance exam) due

Barth ch 23, "Anger", "Augustine", "Conversion", "Evil, Problem of", "Existentialism", "Grace", "Pelagianism", "Schleiermacher"

"Astrology", "Natural Law", "Natural Theology"

  Discussion: ___________________ Barron chs 11-13 and conclusion, "Hildegard of Bingen", "Teresa of Avila"

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