The Course

This course introduces students to the doctrines of the persons and work of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit as these are relevant to the faith and practices of the Church. The course explores biblical, classical, contemporary, and liturgical expressions and implications of christology, pneumatology, and soteriology as various Christian traditions and theologians have appreciated them. It meets the M. Div. core requirement in Systematic Theology "a" (STA).

From the church's beginnings, disciples of Jesus Christ have reflected upon the implications of his good news as they emerge in scripture, life, worship, and doctrine in order to carry on and deepen the remembrance of Christ and further his work. This course introduces students to a significant body of biblical and postbiblical theological and historical tradition as a means of acquiring broader and deeper perspective on our common and personal faith, a more sympathetic appreciation for that catholic and apostolic church of which we are parts, and training in that tradition in which we participate. Christology, pneumatology, and soteriology order the very fabric of Christian life from the creeds to the Church's history to the shape of the liturgical year. These doctrines developed in response to fundamental needs in the Church and fundamentally shaped the various Christian traditions, and they continue to be essential to our lives in Christ and to our ministries within the Church and the wider world. Students should acquire an improved facility in theological reflection and ability to articulate the meaning of the Christian faith in contemporary and cross-cultural terms, both of which skills will carry over into our reading, understanding, and exposition of Scripture itself.

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