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The Shape of the Course

Syllabus, course, vision, tasks, reading

Skim Rules of the Game and A Few (Strong) Suggestions on Essay Writing

Know about Pointers for Presentations, Peer Review Guidelines (Peer Review FAQs are optional)

Introduction to Christology through the Liturgical Year

Complete entrance examinations this week

Baggley ch 1, Barth foreword, ch 10, "Barth, Karl", WCC pp 10-16, Newbigin preface, "Calendar", "Christology", "Creeds", "Liturgy", "Theology"

Advent (part 1): It Didn't Start with Jesus

Baggley ch 2, Luke 1, "Abraham", "Advent", "Antisemitism", "Apocalypticism", "Dead Sea Scrolls", "Isaiah", "Israel", "Jeremiah", "Jesus", "John the Baptist", "Judaism in the First Christian Century", "Messiah", Work "Just You Wait", Work "Jesus Was (Un)Expected"


Children of Pelagius: Election

Baggley ch 3, Barth chs 11-12, Allison intro, Romans 8-11 (cf. Isaiah 19:9-14), Ephesians 1:1-14, "Arminianism", "Assurance", "Foreknowledge", "Jansenism", "Mary", "Paul", "Pelagianism", "Predestination", "Romans, Epistle to the", "Virgin Birth", Work "Annunciation as Election"

God, With, Us: Incarnation

WCC pp 43-54, Van Dyk chs 1 and 3, Allison chs 1-3, "Word/Logos", "Athanasius", "Christmas", "Ephesus, Council of", "God", "Humanity", "Incarnation", "Jesus, Depiction of", "Nicaea, Council of", "Origen", "Orthodoxy", "Teilhard de Chardin, Pierre"

Discussion: ___________________


Baggley ch 4; Newbigin chs 1-3; "Abhishiktananda", "John", "Light and Darkness", "Newbigin, Lesslie"


Loving Jesus the Wrong Way: How Christological Heresies Hurt

Exercise on worshipful doctrine due (revision due 1/30)

Baggley ch 5, Barth chs 13-14, Allison chs 4-6, Luke 2:1-20, John 1:1-18, Romans 5:12-21, 1 Corinthians 15, Hebrews 2:5-18, 4:14-16, "Alexandria", "Arianism", "Armenian Tradition", "Chalcedon, Council of", "Deification", "Docetism", "Greek Theology", "Heresy", "Monophysitism", "Nestorianism", Work "One of Us" pp 2-17, 37-44, Work "Taking Jesus Personally" pp 45-54, 61-68

Discussion: ___________________

Barth chs 13-14; Newbigin chs 4-6, "Water"


God's Anointed: Jesus' New Relationship with the Holy Spirit, and Ours

Baggley ch 6, Allison chs 7-8, "Epiphany", "Gospels", Matthew 3, Mark 1:1-11, Luke 3:1-22, John 1:19-51, Work "Jesus' New Relationship"

Discussion: ___________________

Forde intro and I; Newbigin chs 7-8, "Bread", "Faith", "Justification", "Luther, Martin", "Lutheranism", "Merit"


Signs and Wonders: The Threefold Office

Barth ch 15, "David", "Health and Healing", "Kingdom of God", "Kingship", "Lord's Prayer", "Melchizedek", "Miracle", "Moses", "Parable", "Priesthood", "Prophecy", Work "God's Anointed" 28-39, 39-47, Jeremiah 1:4-10, Deuteronomy 18:15-19, Acts 3:18-26, Numbers 8:5-22, Hebrews 9:1-10:25, 1 Samuel 8:1-22, Matthew 27:11-44

"Christology from Behind": The Myth of Objectivity and the Privilege of Discipleship

Baggley chs 7-9, Allison ch 9, "Discipleship", "Jerusalem", "Judas", "Lent", "Obedience", "Sermon on the Mount", Matthew 4:1-11, John 3:14-21, Mark 8:31-38, Luke 9:28-36, Work "Crunch Time"

Discussion: ___________________

Forde II; Newbigin chs 9-10, "Law, Biblical"


Jesus Saves, But How? A Few Visions of Atonement

Exercise on incarnational exegesis due (revision due 2/20)

Baggley chs 10-11, WCC pp 54-64, Barth ch 16, Van Dyk ch 4 and 6, "Abelard, Peter", "Anger", "Anselm of Canterbury", "Atonement, Theories of", "Blood", "Covenant", "Cross and Crucifixion", "Gay Theology", "Hebrews, Epistle to the", "Liberation Theology", "Reconciliation", "Redemption", "Revelation", "Sacrifice", "Universalism", Work "Why the Cross?"

Discussion: ___________________

Forde III; Newbigin chs 11-13, "Kerygma", "Sheep and Shepherds"


Can God Really Suffer? The Powerful Weakness of the Cross

Barth ch 17, Allison ch 10, Mark 14:1-15:47, 1 Corinthians 1:8-2:16, "Death", "Kenosis", "Moltmann, Jürgen", "Omnipotence, Divine", "Omniscience, Divine", "Suffering"

  Discussion: ___________________ ___________________

Forde IV; Van Dyk ch 5; Newbigin chs 14-16, "Antinomianism", "Freedom", "Truth"

2/27 Disclosing the Paradigm: Easter Changes Everything

Baggley ch 12, WCC pp 64-67, Barth ch 18, "Easter", "Immortality", "Resurrection", Matthew 28:1-15, Mark 16:1-8, Luke 24:1-49, John 20:1-21:23

Until I Come: Eschatology between Ascension and Return

Exercise on the cross due (revision due 3/5)

Baggley ch 13, WCC pp 67-70, Barth ch 19, Van Dyk ch 7, "Eschatology", Acts 10:44-48, 1 Corinthians 14

Discussion: ___________________

Baggley ch 13; Newbigin chs 17-18, "Byzantine Theology"


The Ascended Historical Jesus: Nicene Christology as Life-of-Jesus Research

Baggley ch 14, Van Dyk ch 2, "Arts, Visual", "Bultmann, Rudolf", "Demythologization", "Heaven", "History", "Iconoclasm", "Iconography", "Pannenberg, Wolfhart", "Quest for the Historical Jesus"

A Pentecost-al Introduction to the Holy Spirit

Baggley ch 15, Barth ch 21, "Holy Spirit", "Pentecost", Work, "The Churches' Life, Separation, and Hope in the Spirit", Work, "Gusty Winds or a Jet Stream? Charismatics and Orthodox on the Spirit of Tradition"

Ordinary: Cross-Cultural Christology

Baggley ch 16, "African Christian Thought", "Black Theology", "Celtic Christianity", "Chinese Christian Thought", "Contextual Theology", "Ethiopian Theology", "Indian Christian Thought", "Japanese Christian Thought", "Latin American Christian Thought", "Russian Christian Thought", "Scandinavian Christian Thought", "Syriac Christian Thought" (pick a few of those)

Discussion: ___________________

Newbigin chs 19-20


Advent's Answer to the Problem of Evil: Judgment as a Form of Salvation

Exercise on the resurrection (with my permission, on the entrance exam) due

WCC pp 70-72, Barth ch 20, "Evil, Problem of", "Judgment", Work "Advent's Answer to the Problem of Evil", Matthew 24:1-25:46, 1 Peter 3:8-5:11, 2 Peter 3

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