Praise: "we believe in"
Worship as the Shape of Christian Life

The Shape of the Course

Wilson-Kastner prologue and ch 1, Barth ch 21, "Arts, Visual"

Syllabus, course, vision, tasks, reading

Skim Rules of the Game and A Few (Strong) Suggestions on Essay Writing

Know about Pointers for Presentations, Peer Review Guidelines (Peer Review FAQs are optional)

"the Holy Spirit ... who proceeds from the Father [and the Son]" ...
A Pentecost-al Introduction to Pneumatology

Complete entrance examinations this week

WCC pp 73-81, Work "The Churches' Life, Separation, and Hope in the Spirit"

Gathering: "we believe the ... Church" ...
Ecclesiology: Who Cares?
What Makes the Church? Dead Ends and Open Lanes

WCC pp 81-90, Wilson-Kastner ch 2, Barth ch 22, "Anglican Thought", "Antisemitism"


Discussion: ___________________

Wilson preface and chs 1-5


What Makes the Church? (continued)

"one": One True Church?

Exercise on ecclesiology of worship due (revision due 4/23)

Wilson chs 6-7, Work "Speaking for the Spirit in the Age of Division"

WCC pp 1-14, pp 105-111

Discussion: ___________________

Jenkins preface and chs 1-3


Confession (Penance), Absolution (Reconciliation), Passing of the Peace, Greeting, and Announcements: "holy"...
Signs of the Order of Salvation

Work "Reordering Salvation", "Asceticism"

Discussion: ___________________

Wilson-Kastner ch 3, Barth ch 23

Dedication, Baptism (and Confirmation), and Marriage:
"we acknowledge one baptism" ...
Word and Sacraments: Practicing Salvation

Exercise on the Scriptures of the Church due (revision due 5/7)

WCC pp 90-96, Wilson-Kastner ch 4, BEM "Baptism"


Discussion: ___________________

Jenkins chs 4-5, Wilson chs 8-10 and appendix

Scripture Reading and Sermon:
Scripture (and?) Tradition

Work "Gusty Winds or a Jet Stream? Charismatics and Orthodox on the Spirit of Tradition", Work "Evangelicals in the Factory of Scripture" (chart), "Apocrypha, Christian", "Authority"

Discussion: ___________________

Jenkins chs 6-8 and appendices


Tongues, Offering, Communion, Altar Call, Healing (Unction): "catholic"...
The Wholeness of the Church

Uses and Abuses of Spiritual Gifts

Exercise on the sacraments due (revision due 5/21)

Wilson-Kastner ch 5, BEM "Eucharist", Work "Rock of Aged"

  Discussion: ___________________

Wright chs 1-4


Orders (Vocation), and Evangelism: "apostolic" ...
Structures of the Missionary Church


Work "My Enemy, Myself"

"Apartheid", "Apostolicity"; "African Christian Thought", "Black Theology", "Celtic Christianity", "Chinese Christian Thought", "Contextual Theology", "Ethiopian Theology", "Indian Christian Thought", "Japanese Christian Thought", "Latin American Christian Thought", "Russian Christian Thought", "Scandinavian Christian Thought", "Syriac Christian Thought" (pick a few [others] of these)

  Discussion: ___________________

Wilson-Kastner ch 6, BEM "Ministry"


Benediction, Mission:
Go Where? The Church in the World

Wilson-Kastner epilogue, Work "Witness to the Signs", "Alternative Lifestyles"

  Discussion: ___________________

Wright chs 5-11


"the resurrection of the dead and the life of the world to come" ...
Apocalypse When?

Exercise on the entrance exam due

WCC pp 97-104, Barth ch 24, Work "Once upon a Tribulation" , "Adventism", "Apocalypticism"

  Discussion: ___________________

Wright chs 12-15

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