Advent (part 1): It Didn't Start With Jesus

I. Jesus Is Jewish
Israel and God's covenants
Jesus practiced Judaism
Judaism makes sense of Jesus

II. Messianic Expectation: The Setting of Our Salvation
Israel's "felt needs": Home rule, purified worship, justice
How intense was Messianic expectation?
Less and more: Jesus' ministry as transformed expectation

III. From Promise to Fulfillment: The Dawn of the New Testament Era
Turning point: John the Baptist
Example: Luke 1
Jesus validates God's earlier graces: Clothes, ark, exodus, Law, land, return

IV. Getting Advent Wrong: Marcion
Law versus Gospel, Yahweh versus Jesus
No Advent, no Trinity
Christian faith gives us a past
Jesus' Judaism becomes ours (1 Cor. 10:1-4, Rev. 22:4)
V. Getting Advent Right: The Black Church
African America encounters white America
"Is God a white racist?"
Gospel re-narrates black America
America is Egypt, God is black
Advent's gifts: Remembrance and expectation