This 3-unit course is "provides an introduction to the doctrines of the Christian Church, focusing on the Christian life and its relationship to theology" (Undergraduate Catalog). It meets the general studies requirement for "God's Word and the Christian Response." Its prerequisites are three units of biblical studies and CMIN 108, or my permission.

Class time will concentrate on lectures leavened by discussions. Readings introduce complementary and competing accounts of Christian life. Assignments concentrate on applying and evaluating the lessons of Christian theology for the Church and its disciples today.

This course introduces you to the fundamental teachings of the Christian faith: God, creation, humanity, sin, Jesus Christ, last things, Church, and salvation. Using the Bible, the history of Christianity, and the practices of the various Christian churches as our sources and guides, we will explore these different dimensions of Christian belief. While we will also discuss reading and writing assignments, lectures and discussion will not cover all the course material. The structure of this course roughly follows a narrative (and please pardon the grammar) beginning with

Christian doctrine changes lives. If you participate in this class (whether or not you call on Jesus as Lord), it will change you. You will believe differently, live differently, and of course think differently. Our goal for the course is to gain academic knowledge whose practical power changes us.

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