Making All Things New

The Jesus Movement: A Summary
Follows the Baptist's campaign for Israel's restoration
Something new: favor through relationship with Jesus
Jesus as divine agent of prophecy, forgiveness, coming judgment
Resurrection revives, redefines, empowers "the Way"
Communities of disciples grow in Judea, Samaria, Asia Minor, Roman Empire

Christian Commonalities
Respect for the apostles' authority
Shared practices:

Preaching the Jewish scriptures as fulfilled in Jesus (thus Old Testament)
Keeping the traditions of Jesus' apostles (thus New Testament)
Baptizing new disciples in Jesus' name (Matt. 28:19)
Table fellowship (1 Cor. 11:20)
A focus: Agreement in word and deed that "Jesus is LORD"

The Shape of Christian Community
Early Christian communities owe their shape to

Jesus is fundamental to Christian theology, heritage, ethics, politics, mission, relations, history, eschatology, identity
Communities express his influence in very diverse ways
Communities admit that they often betray Jesus' legacy