I believe God sees this course as a fellowship. We are a team brought together for a season of growth through mutual training, challenge, equipping, and discipline. All these serve the ends that every participant attain new and lasting appreciation for the historical contours of the Church of Jesus Christ, and every participating follower of Jesus gain new and lasting skill in its life-giving practices. More specifically, the course intends its participants:

I describe the general objectives of all my courses in my rules of the game.

You are about to discover the Christian tradition to a depth you cannot now imagine – and maybe discover yourself as well, for you will meet those who made you who you are, whose good works and shocking sins live on in your own generation. You are about to spend a decent chunk of your brief life confronting twenty centuries of God the Holy Spirit at work in our wonderful, horrible world, manifesting and pointing to the reign of God the Son, who died and rose for you to enjoy eternal fellowship as beloved children of your creator, God the Father.

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