In this 3-unit course, "current topics of importance and interest to students of systematic theology are studied. The course has a seminar format" (Undergraduate Catalog). It is open to religion majors and minors, or to others with my permission.

Class meetings and readings concentrate on Christian doctrines of "the world." The course focuses on readings and discussions. Assignments concentrate on understanding the course material and applying its lessons to Christian discipleship in this and other cultural contexts.

Cosmology, or study of 'the world' (ho cosmos), intersects with theology of church (ecclesiology), culture, missions, religions, and philosophical theology. This category of systematic theology faces outward, so to speak, from the Christian tradition to all of its contexts. This makes it perhaps the most diffuse of all theological topics. Rather than imposing a definition upon the whole semester, we will let it emerge over the course of our discussions and readings.

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