Fri, 05 Nov 2004


Since switching from Blogger to Blosxom, I have offered Clutter in an RSS feed. I didn't bother to link to it, though. Now that I have found out some readers are using it (a good idea, since I post so rarely), I am including a link on the right, as well as here.

No campaign reaction? Nah. Maybe some comments on the coverage someday. For now, just a word of heartfelt thanks to those of you who conveyed some extraordinarily kind messages to me over the past week – from the political left, center, and right. I have seen very little like your words out on the Internet. You folks are the salt of the earth.

Shabbat shalom.

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Mon, 01 Nov 2004

Game Almost Over

I went to the pet store for hamster supplies a few days ago. After the checkout person thanked me for coming, I replied, "You're welcome. And whomever you vote for, or don't vote for...."

She froze, tensed up, and waited for me to finish the precarious sentence I had started.

"... have a good evening." She looked at me with incredulous relief, as if I had said something in another language.

I had, in a way. After all, no one is voting for King of Kings tomorrow! Infinity more years!

Remember: we can afford to be as generous to everyone, from loved ones to neighbors to strangers to enemies, as God has been to us.

Still, it will be nice when this contest is over. In the middle of the playoffs it always seems as if the future of the world depends on my team winning the series, the game, the play. Afterwards, the groupthink fades, perspective returns, and life goes on.

Many of your loved ones, neighbors, strangers, and enemies need that generosity now. Don't wait until the election is over; don't wait until normal perspective is already returning; offer yours right away.

Then, since the game isn't quite over yet, here is my favorite Bush endorsement, and here is my favorite Kerry endorsement. (Both come via Instapundit, though I read both blogs regularly anyway. Unlike big media, who lost this campaign for both my interest and my loyalty.)

Life goes on, not just after the election but already. Whoever you are, may the risen Son's peace be with you today, tomorrow, and forever.

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