Metaphor Use Hermeneutical Guide Representative Figures Stereotypical Arguments Heritage Champions Paradigmatic CBD Bible Image of Islam
ultimate narrator The Bible locates us and everything else in its story of creation, judgment, and redemption. Apostles' and Nicene creeds; biblical narratives (e.g., Luke/Acts) Athanasius; Alexander Campbell The Bible does not belong to our world ('Athens'), rather we belong to the Bible's world ('Jerusalem'). premodern Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant; Restorationist traditionalists, postliberals; biblicists Keystone Family, Faith & Values Heritage Edition Bible (Fireside) $35.99 a biblical figure [Ishmael, Assyria/Babylon, God-fearers, Judaizers, the beast, the Pharisees, or Simon bar-Jonah]
God's Word to the Church Biblical rituals order our community, our calendar, and our life passages. lectionaries (magisterial churches and monastic orders); the Sermon on the Mount (baptists) Benedict, Thomas Cranmer; Menno Simons Standing for the Gospel reading acknowledges its centrality; following Jesus entails nonviolence. Catholic; baptist (sic) Catholics, Orthodox, Anglicans, and 'high' liturgical Protesants; free churches Broadman & Holman Pew Bible (B&H) $10.99 social order both oppressive and supportive of Christ's body
mirror of personal life experience The Bible offers us self-understanding. Psalms and Proverbs, imaginatively 'autobiographical' Bible reading Augustine, Ignatius of Loyola I see myself as Peter denying Jesus under pressure, yet being restored. mystical Spiritualists, Pietists, individualists Extreme Teen Bible (Nelson) $17.99 Saul of Tarsus
judge The Bible proclaims our relationship with God. covenantal and kerygmatic passages Martin Luther, John Calvin Scripture proclaims our condemnation and our justification. Protestant traditional Protestants Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible (Zondervan) $31.99 legalistic substitute for (or refusal of, or candidate for) God's grace in Christ
means of conversion The Bible helps us become 'convicted' and change. conversion narratives (Paul, Jesus' circle, prophets, patriarchs) John Wesley, Friedrich Schleiermacher My own story fits the paradigm of Paul's past and present life. Wesleyan revivalists and sanctificationists

New Believer's Bible (Tyndale) $14.99

The Life Plan Study Bible (Nelson) $29.99

basis for conversion and sanctification (liberals: a basis for similar spiritual growth)
treasury of truth The Bible teaches the facts about God and the world. historical and propositional passages Charles Hodge; Thomas Jefferson The Virgin Birth really happened; passages teach universal principles. modernist Fundamentalists; liberals

NIV Study Bible (Zondervan) $31.99

Life Application Bible (Tyndale) $26.99

false ideology; a pointer to the same god
means of mission We translate the Bible and take it to those who need to hear its good news. the Great Commission, Acts' evangelistic passages, the nations around the throne William Tyndale, William Carey Translating the New Testament facilitates the gospel's inculturation. missionary indigenous churches and intercultural circles NIV Witness Edition Bible (Zondervan) $5.99 fallow mission field
past and future timeline We search the Bible to decode the future. synthesized genaeologies, chronologies, and apocalyptic passages Joachim of Fiore, John Nelson Darby The next chapter of cosmic history is imminent. Adventist Dispensationalists

Reese Chronological Bible (Bethany) $19.99

Dake Annotated Reference Bible (Dake) $29.99

apocalyptic enemy of God's people
means of power We wield the Bible to advance Christ's victorious kingdom. conflict narratives Charles Fox Parham, Martin Luther King We pray with Scripture to overcome adversaries and wage spiritual warfare. Pentecostal charismatics, liberation theologians

New Spirit-filled Life Bible (Nelson) $29.99

Life Recovery Bible (Tyndale), $19.99

domain of principalities and powers