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code black"Code Black"

with special guests

Phillip Gruber and Aaron Bright,

LA County-USC Medical Center


Thursday, December 3, 7:00 p.m.

Adams Center for the Visual Arts, Room 216


For decades, Washington has been locked in a struggle over universal healthcare. But even as politicians wrangle, universal care has become a reality in the emergency rooms of public hospitals, which admit patients regardless of ability to pay. "Code Black" takes viewers inside the nation's oldest and busiest ER, where, as director Ryan McGarry says, "more people have died and more people have been saved than in any other square footage in the United States." This film vividly depicts the experience of young doctors at LA County-USC Medical Center who have chosen careers among the poorest patients; it also invites scrutiny, at the point of greatest tension, of an American medical system in ethical crisis.


Featuring special guests Drs. Phillip Gruber and Aaron Bright of LA County-USC Medical Center. Free and open to the public.


*Please note that this film contains graphic footage from a working emergency room.