The Gaede Institute for the Liberal Arts was established in 2000 with the goal of strengthening liberal arts education locally and nationally. The Institute hosts scholarly conversation on the present and future of the liberal arts, provides liberal arts opportunities to area communities outside the academy, promotes educational access for first-generation and underserved populations, and fosters interdisciplinary contact between faculty and students through extracurricular events on campus.



Upcoming Programs


Businesswomen in Ministry? Gender and Church Organization, 1880-1930

sizerAaron Sizer, Westmont College


Monday, February 27
7pm | Hieronymus Lounge
Gender Studies Lecture


Long before many churches would ordain them as pastors, American Protestant women were deeply engaged in the business of ministry through raising and distributing money. Denominations wholeheartedly embraced corporate culture in the early twentieth century; this move sometimes led to curtailment of women's leadership, but it also gave women who were accustomed to dealing with denominational finances a pathway to expanded religious roles. Aaron Sizer holds a Ph.D. in American religious history from Princeton Seminary and is assistant director of Westmont's Gaede Institute for the Liberal Arts.



Medical Missions: A History of Healing or Domination?

mallampalliChandra Mallampalli , Westmont College


Thursday, March 2 
8pm | Adams 216 
Science and Religion Club Lecture


In the hands of Christian missionaries, how did modern medicine benefit African or Asian societies? In what ways did it serve the purposes of colonialism? Using examples from history, Westmont professor of history Chandra Mallampalli will address matters of cultural sensitivity, humility, and reciprocity when considering the redemptive value of medical missions.