The Gaede Institute for the Liberal Arts was established in 2000 with the goal of strengthening liberal arts education locally and nationally. The Institute hosts scholarly conversation on the present and future of the liberal arts, provides liberal arts opportunities to area communities outside the academy, promotes educational access for first-generation and underserved populations, and fosters interdisciplinary contact between faculty and students through extracurricular events on campus.



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With plenary speakers:

William Deresiewicz | Lynn Hunt | Martín Carcasson | Elizabeth Stoker Bruenig


How can liberal education help us navigate the changing landscape of knowledge?


We live in a moment when disputes about knowledge and truth--always at home in the academy--have broken out dramatically into our wider society. Shared sources of information and standards for credibility seem to have evaporated. Once-esteemed academic institutions, scientific enterprises, and media organizations are routinely dismissed as politicized engines of propaganda. Trust in the expertise, the professionalism, and the simple good faith of those with differing views seems increasingly rare.

How did we get here, and what is our way forward? Can the fragmentation of our society into closed and competing information camps be repaired? Can trust in shared sources of information be restored? What pedagogical practices or curricular strategies nurture a critical spirit without engendering mistrust and insularity? And what contribution should the liberal arts enterprise make in this moment?

Join us to explore these questions and more at the Gaede Institute’s seventeenth annual Conversation on the Liberal Arts, "Knowledge in Crisis: Liberal Learning in a 'Post-Truth' Age."

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