Reel Talk brings together Westmont faculty, staff, and students to discuss important films and contemporary issues. Movie screenings precede discussions facilitated by college faculty and staff. Unless otherwise noted, Reel Talk events are free and open to the Westmont community.


Spring 2017 Screenings

visitor"The Visitor"

with Serah Shani and Mitchell Thomas


Thursday, January 19
7pm | Adams 216


What is sometimes called "political correctness" means, essentially, an imperative to take seriously the perspectives of people who are unlike ourselves. Finding the right balance is hard: too little perspective-taking leads to chauvinism; too much to paralysis. In its depiction of a friendship between a middle-aged college professor and a young Syrian musician, "The Visitor" movingly portrays the awkwardness and necessity of this kind of cross-cultural connection. Along the way, it casts light on US immigration and deportation systems that produce division and fear.


nowhere"Nowhere to Run"

with screenwriter and Westmont English faculty Carmen McCain

Thursday, February 23
7pm | Adams 216


Nigeria faces a looming climate and environmental crisis that it can no longer afford to ignore. "Nowhere to Run"explores the creeping effects of climate change and unchecked environmental degradation that pose major socio-economic, political, and sustainable development challenges to communities across Nigeria. The narration for this award-winning documentary was written by Westmont professor of English Carmen McCain, who joins us for the screening.


children"Children of Syria"


Thursday, March 9
7pm | Adams 216


The Syrian war and resulting refugee crisis have turned upside down the lives of countless thousands of previously stable, healthy families. This PBS Frontline documentary follows one such family: parents Abu Ali and Hala, who were engineers before the war, and their four children, who find ways to be ordinary kids amidst the rubble of Aleppo. This remarkably intimate portrait humanizes the narrative of displacement playing out today throughout the Middle East and Europe.



with Rachel Winslow (history, Westmont Downtown) and Tom Knecht (political science)


Wednesday, April 19
7pm | Adams 216


Join Westmont faculty for screening and discussion of Ava DuVernay's pathbreaking drama about Martin Luther King, Jr. and the road to the 1965 Voting Rights Act.