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John Walker 

John Walker - The Centre

John Walker (English, b. 1939)
The Centre, #2, 1985
Oil on canvas
Gift of Berkus Family Collection

Born in Birmingham, England, John Walker is a significant twentieth century abstract painter and printmaker. The artist is inspired by early Modernists, such as Matisse and Picasso, whose figurative work approaches abstraction. Walker, however, seeks to do the opposite; his abstract forms begin to resemble recognizable figures. The artist frequently uses hourglass-shaped forms in his compositions, conveying the idea of a person, without portraying a literal presence.

Written in large handwriting across the top of the painting is a quote from John 10:7:  In truth in very truth I tell you I am the door. It is one of seven “I am” proclamations of Jesus. Saying He is the door, Jesus excludes all other possibilities of entering into His covenant of salvation. 

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