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Santa Barbara Artists and Their Dogs

Price: $30 + tax & shipping

Featuring short intros written by the featured artists and their dogs as well!

"Whether the dog is a muse, a model, a companion, or a therapist, artists and dogs have forged deep attachments for centuries," says Judy L. Larson, R. Anthony Askew professor of art history and museum director. "Our canine pals add so much to the enjoyment of life and serve as a prompt to live in the moment." 

Over the summer Kerrie Smith and Judy Larson worked on this creative and charming book featuring Santa Barbara artists and their beloved dogs. The book includes portraits of 70 artists with their canines. 

The portraits are also on display in the downstairs level of the Museum, as well as the book. 

Corot Museum

Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot:

The Lady Leslie Ridley-Tree Collection in Context

Price: $25 + shipping

Featuring essays by Dr. Amy Kurlander, Dr. Charlene G. Garfinkle, Dr. Judy L. Larson, Laura DiZerega and Brandon Waybright.

Produced in coordination with our exhibition, this 152 page catalogue contains original scholarly writings and over 57 high-resolution reproductions of artworks by Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot. Dr. Amy Kurlander explores Corot's relationship to nature in "Painting Nature," Dr. Charlene G. Garfinkle analyzes the drawings and prints that Corot produced in "Corot as a Graphic Artists," and Dr. Judy L. Larson offers a history of Corot and his American Collectors in "Corot in America.

Askew Catalogue

Looking Back / Going Forward:

R. Anthony Askew

Price: $25 + shipping

Featuring essays by Josef Woodard and Siu Zimmerman. 

R. Anthony Askew, best known to his friends as Tony, has been a beloved art teacher, an arts advocate, and most importantly, an amazing artist in our Santa Barbara community for over 46 years. He retired from Westmont College ten years ago, after establishing our printmaking program and founding Westmont‘s Reynolds Gallery, now known as the Westmont Ridley-Tree Museum of Art. He is a printmaker, collage and assemblage artist, and a watercolorist. 

Rembrandt and the Jews: The Berger Print Collection

Price: $20 + shipping

Featuring an essay by Dr. Lisa DeBoer.

The relationship Rembrandt had with the Jews of Amsterdam is a remarkable story. Most were Sephardic Jews – refugees from the Inquisition in Spain and Portugal. For many generations these Jews had been forced to deny their religious legacy, but in Amsterdam they were free to reclaim traditions and return to their Judaism. Rembrandt lived in Amsterdam’s prosperous Jewish neighborhood. In Rembrandt’s interpretation of Protestant Old Testament narratives, Rembrandt consulted Jewish theologians for a nuanced perspective of these familiar subjects. He also painted and etched portraits of prominent Jews.

Africa Exhibition Logo

Africa Through Its Sculpture: Highlights from the Lifshitz Collection

Price: $15 + shipping

Featuring an essay by Dr. Herbert M. Cole

This catalogue was published in connection with the Africa Through its Sculpture exhibition, which included highlights of African art from the sizable collection of Fima and Jere Lifshitz. The catalogue  was organized thematically to introduce readers to the rich history of the peoples of Africa as told through their sculptural objects.

Tug Catalogue Cover

tug: Dane Goodman and Keith Puccinelli

Price: $15 + shipping

Featuring an essay by Christopher Miles.

Goodman has exhibited widely across the United States, and his artwork is housed in museum, corporate, and private collections, including the Santa Barbara Museum of Art; the Art, Design, and Architecture Museum, University of California, Santa Barbara; The Berkus Collection; the Santa Barbara County Arts Commission; and the Westmont Ridley-Tree Museum of Art. Goodman is the former director of the Atkinson Gallery at Santa Barbara City College.

Puccinelli founded the critically acclaimed design firm, Puccinelli Design, which he directed for over twenty years. In 1995, Puccinelli began to focus his full attention on his own visual art. His work has been exhibited in solo and group shows throughout Southern California and is housed in the Santa Barbara Museum of Art; Santa Barbara County Arts Commission; Diane and Sandy Besser Collection; The Berkus Collection; and the Westmont Ridley-Tree Museum of Art.

Barbizon Catalogue Cover

Barbizon, Realism, and Impressionsm in France

Price: $35 + shipping; $45 with slipcase

Featuring individual essays on each work by Westmont College Staff and Faculty.

The exhibition featured twenty-eight works by renowned 19th-century French artists including Mary Cassatt, Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, Henri Matisse, Berthe Morisot, Gustave Courbet, Jean-François Millet, and more. The catalogue highlights two additional works that were not included in the exhibition. 

Westmont College's President, Dr. Gayle Beebe, wrote a foreword, and the college's Provost, Dr. Mark Sargent, wrote an introduction to the catalogue. Westmont faculty, staff, and students wrote essays on each of the pieces in Lady Ridley-Tree’s collection––it produced a “festschrift” of responses and reflections that honor Lady Leslie Ridley-Tree and her exceptional art collection. 

Uyesaka Catalogue Cover

Dug Uyesaka: long story short

Price: $15 + shipping

Featuring essays by Charles Donelan, Dr. Gayle Beebe, and Rob Hereford.


Impulse Catalogue Cover

Impulse and Connoisseurship: Selections from the Forde Collection

Price: $10 + shipping

Featuring an essay by Paul Schimmel

This catalogue includes twenty-nine selected works from the Forde Collection, which includes acquisitions of Southern California artists as well as other noteworthy American and international artists. The collection includes Modernist works, but the primary focus is cutting-edge contemporary art.

cabada catalogue cover

Rafael Perea de la Cabada: Alien Heartland

Price: $5 + shipping

Featuring an essay by Peter Frank

Rafael Perea de la Cabada is an artist who lives very much in the moment; his artistic productions chronicle his response to life. Creating art is his calling. Perea de la Cabada's work is mysterious, nuanced, meditative, and complex, but those viewers who invest the time in his art will not be disappointed. The mid-career survey of Rafael Perea de la Cabada was prompted by Gil Garcia and Marti Correa de Garcia, for whom the artists has served as advisor and curator of their collection of his historic Mexican prints. 

Fine Impression Catalogue Cover (cropped)

Making a Fine Impression: Prints from the Faith & Dewayne Perry Collection

Price: $25 + shipping

Featuring an essay by Faith & Dewayne Perry

 Making a Fine Impression: Prints from the Faith and Dewayne Perry Collection presents highlights from the larger Perry print collection and represents the breadth and quality of works they have collected. The primary focus of their print collection has been on sixteenth to eighteenth-century Old Master prints created in the Netherlands, Italy, France, Germany, and England. As their collection grew, they expanded to include Etching Revival prints as well as a few modern and contemporary works.

Kiyoshi Saito: Woodblock Printmaker

Price: $10 + shipping

Featuring an essay by Theodore W. Hatlen

Jan Albert Fürst Kolstad: Prints

Price: $5 + shipping

Featuring an essay by Øivind Storm Bjerke

The Legacy of Edvard Munch has contributed to the high esteem of graphical arts among Norwegian artists back to the 1920s. In the 1970s, printmaking blossomed in Norway, and Jan Albert Fürst Kolstad became part of this new golden age of Norwegian printmaking. Today he can look back on a prolific career as a master printmaker and artist. He has received numerous grants, has had more than thirty solo exhibitions and has been acquired by a dozen public and private art collections. Kolstad has been teaching for nearly twenty-five years at Asker Art School, which for many has been a preparatory study for further advancements into art academies. He now teaches at Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

Westmont Permanent Collection Handbook

Price: $5 + shipping

Featuring essays by twenty-one scholars and researchers

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