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Meet the staff, museum members, and benefactors.


Judy L. Larson, Ph.D.

R. Anthony Askew Chair in the Visual Arts

Judy Larson is the first holder of the R. Anthony Askew Chair in Art at Westmont College, where she directs the Westmont Ridley-Tree Museum of Art and teaches art history.

Larson brings over thirty years of museum experience, most recently as the director of the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C. Previously she served as the director of the Taubman Museum of Art in Roanoke, Virginia and as curator of American art at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia. She also worked at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, UCLA's Grunwald Center for the Graphic Arts, and the American Antiquarian Society in Worcester, Massachusetts. She has taught art history at California State University, Dominguez Hills, Assumption College in Worcestor, and at Emory University in Atlanta.

Larson received her undergraduate and master's degrees in art history at the University of California at Los Angeles and her Ph.D. at the Graduate Institute of the Liberal Arts at Emory University in Atlanta. She has lectured and published widely in her areas of scholarship, which include museum studies, women's studies, and American and contemporary art.

Chris Rupp, M.F.A.

Collections Manager


Chris Rupp began working with the museum in 2009, completing a comprehensive inventory of Westmont's art holdings and overseeing the publication of the the Museum's first handbook on the permanent collection. As the Museum's registrar, Rupp is the lead art handler for the College, oversees the development and execution of Museum policies, serves as chief exhibition installer, museum photographer, and so much more.

An accomplished artist and collector in his own right, Rupp has organized numerous exhibitions for the Museum, notably a series of ceramics exhibitions, and 5X5 - an ongoing fundraising project for the museum every five years. His research interests include ceramics and sculpture, architecture, and Japanese printmaking techniques. Rupp is a graduate of the art program at Westmont and completed his M.F.A. at Azusa Pacific University. He also teaches ceramics courses for the Westmont Art Department.

Katherine Christensen, M.A.

Education & Outreach

Katherine Christensen is a graduate of King’s College London where she earned her Master of Arts in Christianity and the Arts. Her dissertation, ‘The Modern Female as Madwoman or Prophetess’ enabled a central focus on her specific interests, which include modern and contemporary art, gender and artist identity, and interweaving faith and art into a universal, 21st century dialogue.

Christensen previously earned her Bachelor of Arts at Azusa Pacific University in 2015, where she studied both Communication Studies and Art History. Throughout her education, she has attained several art administrative and curatorial internships at various institutions. In 2015, she interned at The Huntington Library in San Marino within the permanent British art collections. Since then, she has worked as a community engagement intern at Santa Barbara Museum of Contemporary Art and an arts administration volunteer at the Imperial Health Charity Art Collections in London. Christensen is a Santa Barbara County native and excited to be serving at Westmont College. 

Westmont Art Council 2017–2018

  • Rosalind Amorteguy-Fendon
  • Pam Beebe
  • Katherine Bradford
  • Connie Connally-Michel
  • Sally Clyne
  • David Reichert and Diane Dodds-Reichert
  • Gilbert and Marti Garcia
  • Rosemarie Gebhart
  • Nancy Gifford
  • Holli Harmon
  • Ruth Ellen Hoag
  • Lorry Hubbard
  • Wendi Hunter
  • Mary Ince
  • Ken Jewesson
  • Jennifer Johnson 
  • Susan Malde
  • Hideko Malis
  • Judy Neunuebel
  • Dewayne and Faith Perry
  • Anna Rachwald
  • Nancy Rossi
  • Arlyne Sargent
  • Iva Schatz
  • Beth Schmohr
  • Garret and Ginnny Speirs
  • Jane Trabucco
  • Brookie Van Der Kar
  • Mary Beth Vogelzang
  • Gail Weeks
  • Barry Winick
  • Amy Woodworth
  • Julia Young
  • Don and Siu Zimmerman
  • Sue Adams
  • James Dow
  • Walter and Darlene Hansen
  • Jeanne Heckman
  • Priscilla Fossek
  • Victoria Hines
  • Keith Mautino
  • Juliet Tibma
  • Mary Alice Tudor
  • Phil Wilcox
  • Kip Young 
  • Tony Askew    
  • John Carlander
  • Anna Johnson
  • Sue Savage
  • Herbert Tews
  • Rachel Urbano 
  • Scott Anderson
  • Katherine Christensen
  • Lisa DeBoer
  • Mary Dill
  • Brad Elliot
  • Nathan Huff
  • Judy L. Larson
  • Paul Larson
  • Tatiana Nazarenko
  • Patricia Noormand
  • Chris Rupp
  • Meagan Stirling
  • Mona Mott Wildes 

Art Circles 2017–2018

  • Katherine Bradford and Mark Bradley
  • Philip Wright
  • Shaawn and Melissa Whitney
  • Edward and Teresa Barrier
  • Jeremy and Jana Wold
  • Dinora Cardoso
  • Mona Motte Wilds
  • Stephen Baker
  • David Morley
  • Kenneth and Shirley Waxman
  • Brooke Baxter
  • Carol Pattison
  • Gail Weeks
  • Cynthia James
  • Don and Beth Schmohr
  • David Yager
  • Richard Vincent
  • Lisa D Boer
  • Jennifer and Davidd Johnson
  • Iva Schatz
  • Mooneen Mourad
  • Loretta Hubbard
  • J. Paul Longanback and Donald Polk
  • Tony and Barbara Askew
  • Ruth Kovacs
  • Robert and Joan Dwhist
  • Kerri Uyesaka
  • Brooke Van Der Kar
  • Mary Collier
  • Seth and Karen Anderson
  • Arthur and Anna Rachwald
  • Pendleton Tudor
  • Helene Winter
  • Wendi Hunter
  • Don and Sui Zimmerman
  • Susan Bower
  • Garrett and Ginny Speirs
  • Julia Young
  • Dennis and Susan Savage
  • Connie Connally and Hal Michel
  • Terrence McGuigan
  • Peter and Rebecca Adams
  • Holli and Terry Harmon
  • David and Judy Neunuebel

Rosemarie and Bill Gebhart

Robert and Christine Emmons
Diane Dodds-Reichert and David Reichert

Lillian Lovelace
Lady Leslie Ridley-Tree
Michael Kidd

Board of Advisors

Cindy Brittain Santa Barbara, CA
Dinora Cardoso Ventura, CA
Rosemarie Gebhart Santa Barbara, CA
Walter Hansen Chicago, IL
Holli Harmon Santa Barbara, CA
Gregory S. Hedberg New York, NY
Shari Isaac Santa Barbara, CA
Ken Jewesson (President)  Santa Barbara, CA
Jennifer Johnson Santa Barbara, CA
Robyn J. Mitchell-Stong, M.D. Huntington Beach, CA
Rev. Victoria Kirk Mouradian Carpinteria, CA
Vicki Mouradian  Santa Barbara, CA
David Neunuebel Santa Barbara, CA
Mark L. Sargent Santa Barbara, CA
Sharol Siemens Santa Barbara, CA
Mary Beth Vogelzang Santa Barbara, CA
Barry Winick Santa Barbara, CA
Christine Emmons (Emeritus) Santa Barbara, CA