GE Submission Guidance

The GE submission form should be submitted together with the course syllabus to the Dean of Curriculum and Educational Effectiveness at by published deadline. The submission form or the course syllabus should address how exactly the course meets ALL certification criteria approved for a respective GE area. Please check the certification criteria in the GE Committee Combined document. The course syllabus should follow Course Syllabus Guidance.

Deadlines for submitting proposals for the GE credit

If a course is approved by the GE committee during the fall semester, students will obtain the GE credit for this course beginning the following spring semester onward.

If a course is approved during the spring semester, students will obtain the GE credit beginning the following fall semester onward.

The GE Committee will officially notify the Department Chair and instructor who submitted the proposal by means of a Memorandum.

Please note that the current syllabi must not include details about the course’s pending GE status.

Off-campus programs and courses

If you are applying for the GE credit for off-campus courses which reflect the modified version of either existing on-campus GE-certified courses or previously taught off-campus courses, please distinguish the level of your course modification and identify all introduced changes in a one paragraph statement within your Submission Form.

Changes in program learning objectives, number of credit units, program location, or disciplinary expertise of faculty personnel require a review and re-certification of the program.