Center for Applied Technology

Most higher ed institutions today have fragmented, frustrating online experiences. The CATLab builds tech solutions that give communities an effortless way to navigate the technology they need to pursue meaningful works and relationships.

Mission Statement

We are developers, designers, artists, and writers from Westmont College. Think of the CATLab as an idea lab or technology innovation hub for our school.  Our members’ studies range from Art to Data Analytics, and we utilize a wide range of liberal arts skills to achieve our goals. Students and staff work together to pave the way for meaningful change.



Kristen, Sr. Developer

“Thanks to my experience at CATLab, I constantly am implementing solutions within one job that I discover at the other — the work that I do for both Thornhill and CATLab is mutually beneficial. The skills I have been able to develop at CATLab ultimately allowed me to be proficient enough in Salesforce to take the internship, and resultantly I can branch out a little in a completely different implementation of Salesforce at Thornhill. Then, the work that I do at Thornhill circles back around, allowing me to bring a wider knowledge base back to CATLab on a weekly basis.”

James, Sr. Developer

"CATLab has taught me a lot. It was my first professional job in the technology field. It’s exposed me to working with other professionals, specifically consulting with professionals and building them a product. Having the creative freedom while complying with best practices and product requirements has helped prepare me for the internship I have now. My internship has required a lot of creative development within in the constructs of the business processes already in place, so I really do feel that I’ve had a foundation of sorts. CATLab has also prepared me for project management (using JIRA software, project planning, product requirements, consulting, etc.) There of course is an emphasis in being able to deliver which revolves around my technical ability, but the project management side of things is just as important especially in working within a team environment."

Sophia, Sr. Developer/Consultant 

"When landing my first full-time internship outside of CATLab, we had just gone live with the Advancement project for Westmont. Being able to talk with the company about completing a project that was currently being used was really important. I also find it extremely personally gratifying to be able to put my technical skills toward helping the college.

In my current position at Outside Open, I rely on the resilience I developed at the CATLab to adapt to new challenges. At the CATLab we are constantly learning and refining our knowledge base. Like any technology, Salesforce is always changing and over the past 3 years we have been adapting to new Apex practices or moving from Aura to Lightning Web Components. Being able to pick up new concepts and languages quickly and confidently has served me well as a full-time software developer."

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