Do justice, love mercy, walk humbly with God. Micah 6:8

Our Commitment to Diversity

Today, our culture and society stand at a critical inflection point. As we grieve the current events that have galvanized our country’s anger, our attention must shift to issues of race as we realize that a fresh understanding and a different approach is necessary in every sphere of our society. At Westmont, we’re developing a greater capacity to listen by opening our hearts to the most aggrieved members of our society. We want to understand and empathize with those groups who have been left out and left behind. We want to be a community of learners that seeks to reconcile even as we experience the rich impact of God’s reconciling and transforming work on our own life. We’re working to develop a capacity to see the wider hurt in our society and in our own community and the role we’ve played in it.

Messages from the President 

An Excerpt from the Westmont Spring ‘20 Magazine July 7, 2020

July 7 Conference Call Recording

July 7 Conference Call Transcription

Biblical and Theological Foundations of Diversity


The motto of Westmont College—Christus primatum tenens (Christ holding preeminence)—signals our commitment to a vision of the universal sovereignty of Jesus Christ. We are bound to this vision because of our anchoring in the Scriptures, which present Christ as Lord over all creation.1 Confession of Christ’s preeminence gives Westmont powerful reasons to welcome diversities of gender, ethnicity, class, and culture in its population and programs.2

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