Hello Warriors!

We are now in the home stretch of the semester. It is about time to be hitting final exams. And while you may be feeling another sharp increase in stress right now, this time in the semester also brings excitement for the end of the term and that relaxing summer break. But don’t lose your focus! Finals are just around the corner.

A few things for you to consider as you round out the rest of the school year:

  1. Keep yourself healthy.  Some simple tips
  • Make sure that you are washing your hands often (or using hand sanitizers),
  • Cover your mouth (sneezing into a tissue or your elbow, not your hands),
  • Stay home or in your room if you are not feeling well.
  • It is tempting to want to come to class even when you are ill, for fear that you will miss something, but your classmates and professors will be glad you chose to stay home. If you are ill, go to the Health Center, do not ignore your symptoms.
  1. Make sure to manage your time well – there are a lot of assignments that will be due at the end of the semester, but don’t let that overwhelm you. Break them into smaller chunks and work on small pieces at a time, especially when you begin studying for your finals. It’s more productive to study your material for an hour at three different times during the week, than to wait and study the material in one three-hour chunk.
  2. Know what your finals will look like – Some final exams will have a greater impact on your final grade than other exams. Some final exams are cumulative across the entire semester, and others only cover the last sections worth of material. If professors don’t talk about the content or weight of your finals exam in class, ask them 1.5 to 2 weeks ahead of time. This will help you study the right material and schedule study time appropriately for each exam.
  3. Make sure to have fun – stress relief is huge during these time periods, so make sure to schedule in some fun, but be reasonable. Going out to a movie or spending a couple hours on Facebook might not be a great idea when you’ve got a final exam in the morning.  But watching a movie in your friend’s room or spending 20 minutes catching up with friends and family might be a better option at this time of the semester. Check with your RA to see what on-campus activities are planned leading up to finals as great little stress relievers.
  4. Schedule your trip home with your final exam schedule in mind – Faculty are not allowed to move your final exam to a time other than its regular scheduling, faculty cannot approve final exam changes. Be sure to book your flight or train home well after your last final. If you find that you need to reschedule a final exam, you can complete a Request to Reschedule a Final Exam and return it to the Student Records Office for review.  It needs to be turned in 2 weeks before finals so know your plans well in advance of finals!
  5. Now’s the time to register for Mayterm at Westmont or Summer School at another institution. – 
    • Mayterm courses at Westmont are a great way to boost your Westmont GPA and get ahead on your units (and closer to graduation!). 
    • You can also work on your unit count and GE or major credit by taking courses at your local junior college or university (Westmont does not offer a traditional summer session). You can view Westmont’s Transfer Agreements with 17 SoCal community colleges on the left hand side of the Registrar’s webpage.
    • Any class you take elsewhere, that is not on a Transfer Agreement, needs to be pre-approved to meet the general education requirements (GE/elective pre-approval form) and/or your major requirements (Major/Minor Pre-approval form) depending on how you are intending the class to count at Westmont.
    • Submit these pre-approval forms as needed to the Student Records Office ASAP. You will want to get a response on your courses before you register for summer courses.

Best of luck to you all as you conquer the next few weeks!

Abbey Fragosa

Coordinator of Academic Advising