Hello everyone!

It is about time again to begin the process of Registration for your fall semester courses. Your advising materials should be available on WebAdvisor and you will be registering for classes at your appointed registration day and time April 10th-12th.

This leaves you a few weeks to make sure that you plan out your preferred list of courses for the Fall and meet with your advisor for review and suggestions. Yes, you will need to come to them with a list of classes you may want to take, so be sure to show up to your meeting time with this prepared, as well as any other questions you have. If you are not prepared they may ask you to reschedule your appointment. At the end of this meeting they should clear you via WebAdvisor to register!

Your advisor should be sending out an e-mail to you soon to let you know how to schedule an appointment with them. Some faculty use the online advising appointment system (see the link to the left of this page) and some have hard copy sign ups in their office or near their office door. Be aware though that the entire student body will be meeting with their advisors in the next few weeks, so it is important for you to plan ahead. Don’t show up at their office 30 minutes before your registration time and expect them to be available. Look over the materials on WebAdvisor and schedule your registration appointment soon. 

If you don’t hear from your faculty soon regarding how to schedule an appointment, you can either e-mail or call them to determine their preferred method. You can also go down to your advisors department and ask the secretary if they know how to proceed. Make sure to be proactive in this, and again, don’t wait until the last minute!

Best of luck to you in this advising season. If you have any questions or concerns, let me know!

Sonya Welch

Coordinator of Academic Support Services