billing procedures

Every month, Westmont will email you a link to your billing information via email. Students will receive these emails at their Westmont email address and at other email addresses that students authorize. To authorize additional email addresses, go to

Students must authorize parents or guardians to view their accounts at the preceding page or Account Login.

In early July and early August preliminary fall semester billing
information and financial aid will be posted to this website.

The information will be updated daily, and will reflect the status
of each student’s enrollment and financial aid documents at the
time of inquiry. Financial aid and student charges may change
subject to additional documents submitted or actions taken
by the student.

Transition to paperless billing

Westmont will also mail you a preliminary Fall 2014 billing statement early in July and August. These will be the last paper regular statement billings that we will mail. Subsequently, please visit our website,, at any time to view your Student Account.