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Managing your student account

Getting Started

1. If you plan to request any type of financial aid, submit a FAFSA and provide all required documentation to the Financial Aid Office.

2. New Students: Complete and return a Student Account Master Payment Agreement.

3. Go to the Estimate Semester Minimum Initial Payment Due page to plan your payments.

4. Make payments on schedule. You can sign up for an Automated ClearingHouse (ACH) electronic funds transfer on our payment website.

Financial Aid

Complete and return all the financial aid forms and documents to the Financial Aid Office by June 1, 2017, to keep your information with the Student Account Office accurate and up to date. Pending financial aid awaiting documentation don't alter your required minimum payments.

To ensure quality service and timely transfer of financial aid to your student account, please direct your financial aid questions to the Financial Aid Office, 888-963-4624 or finaid@westmont.edu.

Student Account Master Payment Agreement

Prior to your first semester at Westmont, you will receive an email to complete the Student Account Master Payment Agreement which is a credit
agreement between you and the college using the DocuSign electonic signature process. This agreement describes the terms for dealing with the unpaid portion of your
student charges as well as any student initiated charges for things such as medicine from the Health Center.

For your convenience, it is only necessary to complete and submit once, when you first enroll at Westmont. Please
submit the fully signed copy by Aug. 15.