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About Urban Initiative

Urban Initiative acts as a hub for community engagement at Westmont by introducing students to the realities of inner-city life and mobilizing our community in thoughtful response. Urban Initiative also hosts both campus events and urban experiential opportunities - in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, and San Francisco - to promote discussion and understanding of complex issues that plague the inner-city, such as racism and poverty.

Urban Initiative (UI) is dedicated to developing a Christ-centered heart for urban service & ministry at Westmont by raising awareness about urban issues and mobilizing our community in thoughtful response.

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Contact Us

Student Leadership Team :
Phone: 805-565-6800 (office)
Email: urban_initiative@westmont.edu

JeremyStaff Advisor:
Jeremy Fletcher
Assistant Director of Campus Life
for Mission & Ministries (Global Outreach & Community Engagement)
Email: jfletcher@westmont.edu