How to schedule an exam...


Hours for test-proctoring 8:30 AM-4:45 PM

1. You must be registered with Disability Services before receiving accommodations for exams.

2. You must sign-up 3-business days (i.e. not the weekend) in advance of the test-taking session. Case-by-case exceptions are made by contacting ODS staff, but there are no guarantees that your test can be proctored if appropriate notice is not given.

3. Log in using your Westmont Username and password.

4. Choose the course of your exam and select ADD Exam.

5. Enter exam time and day information accurately. DO NOT enter a time that will conflict with chapel (MWF from 10:30-11:30) or any other class you will be attending. You are permitted to take your exam at a different time from the class only if the extended time for testing would impact another class, chapel or our business hours (8:30 AM-4:45 PM). If you need to move your examination to a different time than the class, please state this in the NOTES section.

  • If back to back classes result in a need to reschedule an exam for a different time (or day) than the original exam time, you will request professor approval be sent to the Office of Disability Services.

  • We do not give chapel excuses.

  • MWF exams are 1.5 hours, TTH exams are 3 hours (with extended time).

6. Check to see if you scheduled correctly by clicking on “View My Exams.”

7. Professor must approve in advance any exam materials or change in exam duration.

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