Welcome to Westmont Health Center

The Health Center is committed to being on mission with Christ in our participation as health care providers in the movement of God's love towards people. We accomplish this by maintaining a staff with years of experience and training in the area of college health. As such, we are able to provide the excellent health care that is required for this unique population. By partnering with students in assuming responsibility for their own health care needs, we hope to equip these young adults with the skills needed to access health care throughout their lives.

Health Center Hours



MONDAY: 10am-12pm / 1pm-4pm

TUESDAY: 9am-5pm

WEDNESDAY: 9am-5pm

THURSDAY: 9am-5pm

FRIDAY: 10am-12pm / 1pm-4pm


~The Health Center is located on lower campus, across from Van Kampen Hall

~No Appointment Necessary


~Questions? Email


Meet the Staff:

Dr. Hernandez, MD

Sandy Mezzio, PA

Sharon Willis, FNP-C

Claire Cetti, Office Manager

Marian Hollis, Front Office Support

Bella, Resident Therapy Dog( Meet Bella)





It has come to our attention there is some confusion regarding the cancellation of Westmont's student insurance policy.  While this is true, this does NOT affect your ability to come to the Health Center to seek medical care.  The student insurance policy was meant to supplement any insurance you brought from home in the event you were referred OFF campus for medical reasons.  We do not require medical insurance to be seen here at the Health Center on campus.


Where to access care when the Health Center is closed:

In the event of a life threatening emergency:

Call 911!

For more information:



For non-life threatening emergencies, the following centers are available to you:


Urgent Care Center

51 Hitchcock Way


Hours: M-F 8a-7p

Saturday: 9a-5p

Sunday: 9a-3p


The Med Center

2954 State St


Hours: M-F 8a-8p

Sun & Holidays:

10a- 6p


Cottage Hospital Emergency

Pueblo & Bath St


Hours: 24/7