Fall-To-Spring (Transitioning to Spring)

In November, in preparation for Spring semester housing, students in college housing are surveyed by their Resident Assistant (RA) regarding their intentions for Spring semester houisng. Such residents are assumed to stay in the same room (Note: their Spring housing asisgnment is recorded that way), since most residents actually remain in the same room without any changes at mid-year. However, some Fall residents may plan to vacate in December due to graduation, study away-abroad in the Spring, etc. When campus residents vacate at the end of Fall semester, openings are created for incoming transfers and students who are returning from away-abroad programs during the Fall.

Who has priority for completely-open rooms?

Students who are returning from away-abroad have priority for any completely-open rooms at the end of the Fall semester. Fall residents should not assume they can "claim" any room or openings on campus other than their own same room reservation.

Students who are away-abroad during the Fall semester may see Spring Housing>Away-Abroad Students (Returning for Spring) for more information about how to request housing for the Spring semester.

Residents with an opening in their room

When an opening exists, or will exist when a roommate vacates at the end of Fall semester, the remaining resident(s) should consider the following:

  • Openings are best filled by mutual request with another current Westmont student.*
  • In the absence of a mutual request to fill an opening, residents should expect that Housing and Residence Life will fill the opening with a student who is returning from away-abroad, a transfer student, or a re-applicant.

*A current student who wishes to mutually request a roommate who is not currently enrolled, but who may be in the process of transferring or re-applying to Westmont, should contact Housing. Several things need to be aligned in order to consider groupings with incoming students. Also, incoming students are unable to access the online group forms.

How and when are housing requests to be submitted?

Housing requests for the Spring 2015 semester will not be accepted until the Housing Office notifies all students by email. This is because online forms are not activated until Fall housing assignments have been completed. Students in college housing had until November 20, 2013 (for last year's transition) to submit a change request with the proper form. The form entitled, Housing Change or Roommate Request, can be printed here (for reference only) and completed for the RD. Additional paper forms may be available from your RA or RD.

To supplement a Change/Roommate request, there are two online forms which must be used if a current resident is submitting a roommate request involving a student who is returning from Away-Abroad. This is because these online forms have a mutual-agreement feature which is essential for any request involving more than one student. NOTE: these online forms are not yet activated for the Spring 2015 semester, so they should not be used until Housing has notified all students that they are activated for the Spring semester. They are currently activated for housing requests for the Fall 2014 semester.

  1. Group Request with an Assigned Resident This group request allows someone to "fill an opening" with a current campus resident in a Fall semester housing assignment. No move is involved for the current and remaining resident. We call these "slam dunks" if all the parts align for a placement. In order to succeed, each participant in the group request must agree to the group request by ACCEPTING it before the deadline AND the opening in the room must be confirmed by Housing by the time placements are made in November.
  2. Request for Specific Location This request is for an individual or a group to mutually-request ONE specific location (usually a particular suite, section or residence hall). Since this form only allows for ONE location preference, it is prudent to supplement the request with an email to David King, Housing Director, to indicate location preference #2, #3, and so forth. NOTE #1--few completely-open rooms become available at mid-year. NOTE #2--the class standing of the away-abroad student is used to determine how requests are ranked. If away-abroad students have less than senior standing, the chances are slimmer for this possibility. The chances for current campus residents to move to a completely-open room are slim at best.