Fall-To-Spring (Mid-Year Transition to Spring)

Many students return to housing from away-abroad programs, and the college welcomes dozens of new transfers and re-applicants in January.

However, most residents stay in their same room or apartment without any changes at mid-year, but there are changes for some. In November, residents in college housing are required to make their Spring housing declaration with their Resident Assistant (RA). Residents declare either "No Room Change," or "Vacate My Room," or "Refer to My Online Request." Such declarations are essential for determining where openings can be confirmed to house incoming residents.

Residents are assumed to remain in the same room unless they say "Vacate," or a room change through an online request is approved. NOTE: when Fall housing assignments are recorded and displayed on the Student Profile, Spring housing assignments usually duplicate the Fall assignments--subject to change, of course, at mid-year. When Fall residents plan to vacate in December [due to graduation, withdrawal, transfer to another institution, or study away-abroad in the Spring], Housing and Residence Life will seek to fill the openings in response to housing needs and stated preferences by students.

Students who are away-abroad during the Fall semester are notified in September when the online request forms have been activated for the Spring semester.