Fall-To-Spring (Mid-Year Transition)


Most residents in Westmont housing stay in their same on-campus room or Ocean View apartment without any changes at the end of Fall semester. We need each resident to definitivelydeclare their intention to stay in their room, or vacate it. Some residents will vacate their rooms due to...

  • Graduating in December
  • Going away-abroad for the Spring semewster through the Off-Campus Programs Office
  • Withdrawing at the end of Fall semester

Also, some residents may request a housing change or a specific roommate to fill an opening in the room.

Fall-To-Spring Housing Declaration

On-campus and Ocean View residents are required to submit their Fall-To-Spring housing declaration by November 1. The housing declaration is now conducted online, and it only takes a few moments. The declarations are essential for determining where openings can be confirmed in order to house other students. Residents will declare one of the following:

  1. Stay in same room
  2. Vacate my room (indicate reason):
    1. I will be graduating in December.
    2. I have been accepted/confirmed to study away-abroad for spring semester, and will not be attending classes on campus in the spring.
    3. I will be withdrawing from Westmont at the end of fall semester.
  3. Possibly vacate my room (indicate reason):
    1. I plan to study away-abroad for spring semester through the Off-Campus Programs Office, BUT I need retain my current (fall) housing until this is completely confirmed.
    2. I intend to request a housing change, BUT I understand I must retain my current (fall) housing as a back in the event I am not re-assigned elsewhere for spring. REFER TO MY ONLINE REQUEST. See Current Residents/Openings

If any resident has a question, unique circumstance, or problem concerning their housing declaration, they should contact David King, Housing Director (dking@westmont.edu).

NOTE: When Fall housing assignments are recorded and displayed on the Student Profile, Spring housing assignments are also recorded, and they often duplicate the Fall assignment--subject to change, of course.

Away-Abroad students

Many students who are away-abroad during the Fall semester will return to college housing in January. In addition, we will welcome dozens of new transfers and re-applicants in January. When Fall residents plan to vacate in December, Housing and Residence Life will fill the openings in response to housing needs and stated preferences by students.

Students who are away-abroad during the Fall semester are notified when the online request forms have been activated for the Fall-To-Spring process. Information and request forms can be found as follows::