Assessment/Program Review Archive

The Assessment/Program Review Archive is provided to give departments a common repository into which they can place their program review and assessment work. This archive facilitates our work by providing a common organizational structure, aiding the dissemination of institutional data, reducing misplaced documents, and smoothing leadership transitions.

Accessing (mapping) the Archive

File Naming Conventions

All file names should use the structure: Year-description-subdescription

2008-Annual Assessment Report
2008-Annual Assessment Report-Appendices
2008-Annual Assessment Report-Response
2011-Alumni Survey
2011-Alumni Survey-Raw Data
2011-Alumni Survey-Interpreted Results

Structure of the Archive

The archive is a shared drive that contains a folder for each department. Your department’s folder
should be used to store all of your departmental data so that it is readily accessible to anyone in your department.

The top level of the archive consists of five folders with the following names and

Folder Structure





Assessment Data

In most departments this folder should contain a subfolder for each learning
objective. For some departments an alternate structure may be more
workable. Whatever structure is used, make sure it is clear. This folder should contain

  1. Rubrics
  2. Benchmarks
  3. Assessment data
    1. When possible, store both raw and summarized data
    2. Make generous use of scanners
    3. Place GE-related data in the appropriate GE folder (this archive can be mapped separately)

Demographic Data

  1. Load Reports
  2. Student data
  3. Graduate profiles

Guiding documents

  1. Mission Statement and Student Learning Outcomes
  2. Multi-year Assessment Plan
  3. List of current projects with proposed timeline


Meeting notes documenting departmental discussions of assessment data
and program review issues.


  1. Annual and six-year reports
  2. Place appendices in a separate pdf file – one for each report.
  3. Responses to reports


When a six-year report has been completed, all the data and records should be moved into a subfolder labeled with the report year. Begin the next cycle with five empty folders.