Program Review Committee

Westmont College is committed to achieving academic excellence in higher education and has instituted a rigorous and on-going program review of its academic departments and auxiliary programs. To achieve that end, the College has:

  • Required regular annual assessment reports from each area with 6 year comprehensive reviews
  • Created a Dean of Curriculum & Educational Effectiveness position to oversee and encourage the process
  • Created a Program Review Committee of Faculty and Administrators which meets regularly
  • Placed Program Review at the highest level of Strategic Planning

Program Review at Westmont College: Mission-Driven, Meaningful, & Manageable

Current Members for the 2015-16 academic year:

Dr. Tatiana Nazarenko – Dean of Curriculum and Educational Effectiveness

Photo of Tatiana NazarenkoDr. Nazarenko joined Westmont College in 2010. She chairs the Program Review and General Education Committees and works with academic and co-curriculum departments on issues pertaining to curriculum development, outcome-based learning, and assessment. She also serves on the Academic Senate, AS Review Committee, WSCUC Steering Committee, the President's Council, and the College's Strategic Planning Committee. Her research interests include assessment and enhancement of student learning in various educational contexts.

Dr. Helen Rhee –Associate Professor of Religious Studies (Social Sciences).


Elected to a term ending in Spring 2018, Dr. Rhee serves as Professor of Religious Studies. A member of Westmont's Department of Religious Studies since 2004, she specializes in early Christian history, especially the second and third century Christian literature, focusing on the diverging Christian self- identities and formations in relation to Greco-Roman and Jewish culture and society.  She is particularly interested in the intersection of theological and social history in Early Christian martyrdom, asceticism, care of the poor, and healthy care in Late Antiquity.

Dr. Mark Nelson - Professor of Philosophy (Humanities)

Mark T. Nelson

Elected to a term ending in Spring 2017. Dr. Nelson has been a member of Westmont's Department of Philosophy since 2006. His research interests lie in the areas of ethics, epistemology and philosophy of religion.  Within ethics, his main area of interest is contemporary metaethics.  He served on Faculty Council from 2010 to 2013.


Beth Horvath - Professor of Biology (Natural and Behavior Sciences)



Dr. Bill Wright – Associate Provost and Director of Institutional Research, WASC ALO

Photo of Bill WrightBill Wright has served Westmont College in a number of capacities including Professor of Psychology and Registrar since 1980. Along with serving on the President's Executive Team he also directs Westmont's Off-Campus Programs.  He has served as Westmont's WASC Association Liaison Officer since the Fall of 2006.

Tim Wilson, Associate Deam of Students

Mary Logue – Associate Director, Library

Mary Logue Mary Logue is the Associate Director for the Library. She has been working in the Library since May of 2000. She has a Masters of Library and Information Science with a focus on cataloging, preservation, and disaster preparedness. She has also taken classes on management and leadership. Her professional interests include the history of the Santa Barbara Public Library (up to 1940), strategic planning, and teaching other librarians about disaster preparedness and preservation.

Christen FoellChristen Foell - Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Curriculum and Educational Effectiveness (recording secretary)

Christen is an alumna of Westmont College with a BA in Communication Studies. She earned a Master's degree in Public Administration from Seton Hall University. Christen has been working in the Provost's Office since 2014 and is serving the Program Review Committee in an administrative capacity. Christen is also the Assistant Director of the Gaede Institute for the L iberal Arts at Westmont.