Annual Assessment and Program Review Templates

Annual Reports

All programs are required to file a yearly update of their assessment activities by September 15th. The GE program's submissions date is October 15th. Reports should be written using the following template:

Annual Assessment Report Template

The PRC uses the following rubric to evaluate Annual Assessment Reports submitted by academic and co-curricular depatments.

Rubric for Evaluating Annual Assessment Reports

You may consider using the following Self-Check tool to evaluate your mission statement, PLOs, Curriculum Map and Multi-Year Assessment Plan, which should be posted on your departmental website:

Self-Check tool

For samples of the departmental websites with all required components click here.

Six-Year Reports

Every six years, academic and co-currical programs are required to file a complete Program Review Report by September 15th using the following template as a guide. The deadline for submitting an Action Plan and a Multi-Year Assessment Plan for the new program review cycle is June 15th.

The Program Review Guide: Six-year Report Template (MS Word version)

The Program Review Guide: Six-year Report (pdf version)

Action Plan Template

Multi-Year Assessment Plan Template

Rubric for Evaluating Six-Year Program Review Reports

Report Submission Schedule and PR Cohorts

Submission Schedule

Program Review Cohorts