Annual Assessment and Program Review Templates

All programs are required to file a yearly update of their assessment activities by September 15th. The GE program's submissions date is October 15th. Reports should be written using the following template:

Annual Assessment Report Template

The Committee will use the following rubric to evaluate Annual Assessment Reports submitted by academic depatments.

Rubric for Evaluating Annual Assessment Reports

Every six years, academic and co-currical programs are required to file a complete Program Review Report by September 15th using the following template as a guide. The deadline for submitting an Action Plan and a Multi-Year Assessment Plan for the new program review cycle is June 15th.

The Program Review Guide: Six-year Report Template

Action Plan Template

Multi-Year Assessment Plan Template


Reports Submission Schedule and PR Cohorts

Link to Schedule

Program Review Cohorts

















The External Review
Sample of Curriculum Map
Responsibility for the program review
Program adaptability template
Overview of the proposed changes
Multi-Year Assessment Plan
IEEI for academic programs
External Reviewer Request and Authorization form
PLO Alignment Chart
Alimni Survey Template
Action Plan
External Reviewer Summary Sheet
Focus Group Tips
Engage the Westmont Community
Survey Development Tips
Timeline for Six-year Report planning
Westmont Outcomes

Six-year Report preparation tips
Teaching and Assessment Glossary
Full-time faculty work load
Adjunct faculty teaching load