Mission Statement

The Office of Educational Effectiveness in partnership with the Academic Senate, Program Review and General Education Committees is committed to sustaining a culture of inquiry and improvement of student learning by implementing systematic assessment and promoting program quality.

To accomplish our mission, we:

  • provide support and training on curriculum development; outcome-based learning; and assessment design and data collection, analysis, and implementation for faculty, co-curricular specialists, academic librarians, and departments
  • support faculty and departments in the integration and assessment of college-wide General Education initiatives
  • facilitate documentation of educational effectiveness through six-year program review and annual assessment update reports
  • locate and disseminate best pedagogical practices and assessment scholarship
  • enhance the visibility and recognition for quality assessment resulting in the enhancement of student learning
  • share assessment data with the college leadership to assist them in data-guided decision-making
  • support faculty participation in assessment-related regional and national conferences and workshops
  • provide training and support for conducting assessment in the LiveText AMS.