ICP 13

Welcome to Intercultural Programs!

Intercultural Programs is called and tasked to educate the student body on diversity, social and racial justice, to increase students' intercultural maturity and competence, and to support students of color, international, and missionary and third culture students in their academic success, spiritual growth and social well-being. Intercultural Programs also works with faculty and staff to support students of color, and international, missionary and third-culture students in their classes and co-curricular activities.


What is Intercultural Programs?

Vision: To provide resources to cultivate open dialogue, encourage healthy debate and develop richer relationships surrounding the challenges and realities that come with living in an increasingly diverse campus, society and world.

Mission: For Westmont to be the kind of place where we can share the fullness of our experiences and are supported, validated and encouraged in our journey of faith and life.

Goals: To foster an environment in which students, staff and faculty live out their faith while impacting our global society.

  • To create opportunities to share and express our unique backgrounds.

  • To encourage students to embrace their cultural heritage while accepting others.

  • To build God's global kingdom for His glory.

  • To seek justice and equity for all through our attitudes and actions.