Employer Posting Policies and Information

Westmont College Job and Internship Posting Policy and Rules of Use
jobAny employer who wishes to post jobs or internships with the College must adhere to a non-discrimination policy consistent with federal and state laws.
The College does not approve job or internship postings that:
• Require an initial investment by the student
• Are paid commission only.  Sales jobs must include a published base salary plus anticipated commission range.
• Require a student to represent a commercial enterprise on the college campus.
• Involve network marketing, pyramid selling, referral marketing, or Multi-level Marketing (MLM)
• Are placed by organizations which appear on the company list:
MLM Company List- Wikipedia
• Are deemed unsuitable or otherwise inappropriate for our students
• Require a student to represent a commercial enterprise on the college campus.

As an independent college with specific objectives, Westmont College (owner and operator of Job Spot) has opted to approve for posting only those jobs that we deem appropriate for our students in light of their educational and vocational goals. Institutional decisions about whether or not to approve a job on Job Spot will be based on the following criteria:
• Westmont College reserves the right to modify or delete any employer profile or job listing from WestmontLink for any reason.  Westmont College also reserves the right to exclude any organization from recruiting on campus based on the aforementioned criteria or if any organization is listed on the following company list: MLM CompanyList-Wikipedia.
• In addition, Westmont College and the Office of Life Planning reserves the right at its sole discretion to not approve for posting any position(s) from employers who have been the subject of serious or repeated complaints from students. 
policiesIn compliance with a Department of Justice determination, Westmont College's Office of Life Planning does not permit the use of work authorization, visa status, or citizenship data in WestmontLink job postings. More information can be found at Department of Justice Best Practices for Online Job Postings  and NACE - Legal Issues: Compliance .
Westmont College's Office of Life Planning and Department of Internships & Practica expect  employers to be aware of the legal issues governing internships.  More information can be found in the Fair Labor Standards Act and NACE Position Statement