Student Employment:
The Hiring Process /Employment Paperwork
hired • Once you have been selected/hired by a campus department, your supervisor will create a Temporary Employment Agreement (TEA) for you.  This agreement acts as a 'work contract' and outlines student employee's rate of pay, job description and other pertinent information. You may not work on campus without a TEA.

• It is your responsibility to approve the TEA upon receiving it through your Westmont email. You will want to take a moment to carefully look over the TEA before accepting it. Changes can not be made to TEA's after they have been approved. You will be directed to electronically generate an I-9 form (if you have not previously filled one out on campus).

• Fill out only your portion of the form (Section 1) print the form and take it to your supervisor to be completed. You will need to provide your supervisor with ORIGINAL documents to complete the I9 form. Copies, faxes, scans,etc can not be accepted under any circumstances. Please use the link below to view a list of acceptable documents.
Acceptable Right to Work/Identifying Documents

• It is in your best interest to bring these items with you when you arrive on campus and begin your job search. If you fail to bring the original documents necessary to complete your I9 form, you will be not be allowed to begin working, and risk losing a job you may have been selected for. Supervisors will not 'hold' positions for employees unable to provide the necessary documentation to complete the employment process.

• After your TEA has been approved and your I9 paperwork has been completed and reivewed, you will receive an email from Career Development & Calling authorizing you to begin work.