Student Employment:
The Hiring Process /Employment Paperwork
hired • After searching Job Spot and applying for a job on campus, you may receive an offer of employment or Temporary Employment Agreement (TEA) from an on campus supervisor. This is agreement outlines your rate of pay, job description and other pertinent information. You may not work on campus without a TEA.
**We ask that when applying for jobs, you consider other students looking for work and accept only one (1) position on campus.

• You will recieve your TEA through your Westmont email from
Student Employment aka Docu-Sign. Read through it carefully before accepting! Changes can not be made to TEA's after they have been approved. TEA's that are not approved within 14 days are voided and the employment process will need to be re-started.
• Students who have not worked on campus previously, will be directed to complete an I-9 form through the online TEA process. Do not complete the I9 until you have received an offer of work (TEA)
• Bringing your ORIGINAL documentation with you when you arrive on campus and begin your job search will benefit you in the long run. Being able to complete work authorization paperwork soon after your hire with help avoid any delays or the risk of losing a job you may have been selected for.
Supervisors will not "hold" positions for employees unable to provide the necessary documentation to complete the employment process.

• You are responsible for completing Section 1 of the form online. it will then be forwarded to your supervisor to complete Section 2 of the form using the ORIGINAL documents you will provide.

A link to the list of Acceptable Documents is below. PLEASE NOTE: We can not accept copies, faxes, scans, etc of these documents under any circumstance.
Acceptable Right to Work/Identifying Documents

• ONLY After your TEA has been approved by you and your supervisor, your I9 paperwork has been completed and reivewed, will you receive an approval email from Student Employment aka Docu-Sign authorizing you to begin work.