Student Employment:
Finding a job at Westmont College
Job Spot LogoAs a Westmont student, you have access to Job Spot, our free online job resource. Here you can view all on/off-campus job listings, announcements related to visiting recruiters, and more. Click on the icon to the left to access Job Spot.
Please make note of the following items when using Job Spot:

• In order to search for jobs, you will need to upload your resume- using your own document or creating a new one using the Job Spot Resume Builder(under the Documents tab on the Job Spot Home page) if needed.

• On-campus jobs are posted several weeks prior to the start of the academic year. Check regularly and apply promptly- this is a competitive market.

• Make secondary contact with hiring supervisors after applying via email, phone or in person if possible.

• You are strongly advised to work no more than 8-10 hours per week to adequately balance academic and work commitments.

• We are committed to helping you find work at Westmont, but it is ultimately your responsibility to ACTIVELY search for work.

• Any further questions about securing employment on campus should be directed to:
Julissa Delgado
Student Employment/Office Coordinator
Upper Kerr Student Center