Student Employment :
Time Cards, Pay Schedules and Breaks
time card• As a student employee, you will need to setup an online time card (OATS) with your supervisor by utilizing the following link: OATS Time Cards A tutorial has been provided as well TimeCard Tutorial

• You will need to use your Westmont email and password to access the system.
• Hours worked should be logged in to your timecard- daily. At the end of each pay period (every 2 weeks) you will need to print off your time card, sign it and take it to your supervisor for signature as well. Be sure to be accurate in the posting of your hours.
• A pay schedule has been made available to you which lists time card due dates. 2017-18 Pay Schedule

• Please make every effort to turn your time card in regularly. Do NOT 'save' timecards for the end of the semester. If you can not make the time card deadline- it is best to turn it in late than to wait until the next pay period.

• You may not submit a time card PRIOR to completion of the work authorization process. Failure to do so can result in a delay in paying student wages.

Breaks and Meal Periods
You are entitled to breaks and meal periods as a student employee- if the hours worked mandate it. Refer to the charts below for further explanation.

Meal Breaks
Work Period < 5 hours > 5 hours + 6 hrs + 10 hrs. but less than 12 +12 hrs.
30 min. meal break REQUIRED NO Yes YES Yes, during first 6 hrs. and second break Yes, one during each 6 hr. period
• Please make note of the following changes to the current student employee meal and breaks policy. Rather than verifying meals and breaks each day on time sheets, effective December 1st,   student employees will instead be assumed to have voluntarily skipped their breaks and meal periods (if applicable) unless they have submitted a signed Meal and Rest Period penalty authorization with their time sheet.

If needed this form is available here or also on the Payroll Office webpage, or available in hard copy from the Payroll office.

All student employees are not only permitted but encouraged to take appropriate breaks during the work day.
Rest Periods
Work Period < 3.5 hrs. 3.5-6 hrs. 6-10 hrs. 10-14 hrs. +14 hrs.
30 min. meal break req'd NO 1 2 3 4
• Under no circumstances as prohibited by law and College policy should you skip meal periods and breaks in order to leave early. It is critical that you comply with state wage and hour regulations.

over time• If you are paid an hourly wage, you are eligible for overtime pay if you work in excess of 8 hours per day and/or 40 consecutive hours during the week. Overtime pay is one and a half times the regular hourly rate and must be approved in advance of working.

• You are NOT eligible for paid holidays during the school year. In order to be eligible for summer holiday pay, a student employee must meet ALL the following criteria:
** Be scheduled to and actually work a minimum of 32 hours per week
for a minimum of 12 weeks over the period of May- August.
**Be normally scheduled to work on the day which is designated as a holiday and have recorded holiday hours on that time card.
• Any further questions about student employment on campus should be directed to:
Julissa Delgado
Student Employment/Office Coordinator