The Hiring Process:
Work Study Student Employees

Federal Work Study Program
• Federal Work-Study is a form of financial aid which is awarded to students based on financial need. These funds are available to students through the wages they earn working in certain positions on and off campus. Student financial aid packet informs them as to whether or not they have been awarded federal work-study funds. The Financial Aid Office can confirm if a potential student employee is a Work study awardee.

• Work Study students locate work on or off campus in the same way as non work study students. All students have access to Job Spot, our free online job site. Through this site they are able to view all on-and off- campus job listings, announcements related to recruiters, and more.
• Hiring a Work study is a cost effective method of providing support for your department. A large portion of a student's wages are covered by the federal government as part of the Work study award, the remaining is drawn from your department budget.

• When hiring students, supervisors are encouraged to ask potential student applicants if they currently hold another job on campus before offering them a position. This helps to be able to provide at least one job to each student both Work study and non Work study.