Eligibility & process explained

Eligibility for parking permit privileges is determined by the Housing & Parking Office.

First-year students are not eligible for permit privileges (with few exceptions, see First-year students) because Santa Barbara County prohibits Westmont from issuing permits to first-years, or for any vehicle which is owned by or affiliated with a first-year student. Students are prohibited from using their own eligibility to request permits on behalf of other students, or other students' vehicles. Also, any student who is serving a suspension for multiple traffic or permit violations is ineligible until the suspension is cleared.

Eligibility is primarily based on class standing, but alternate criteria may be used at the discretion of the Housing & Parking Office. We will consider the number of full-time semesters completed in college after one has graduated from high school (i.e. 4 F/T already-completed semesters for Fall permits; 5 F/T already-completed semesters for Spring permits). College coursework taken prior to high school graduation is not considered for the alternate criteria, but it may be helpful as part of the unit total. If students are not eligible based upon units, they may contact Housing and request consideration by this alternate criteria.

Regular permits

Students must have 59 or more units on record (i.e. credited prior to the request for a Fall semester permit) to be eligible to request a Regular permit, and 72 or more units on record (for requests from December to May) to request a Regular permit for the Spring semester. Juniors and seniors may request permits for the Fall ONLY, Spring ONLY, or both Fall AND Spring semesters. We have been able to offer Regular permits to all juniors and seniors who request them.

Returning and new students (transfers, consortium visitors) who do not have the requisite units on record, but have attended college for the requisite number of semesters, may contact Housing for assistance with eligibility for requesting permits. Juniors and seniors are prohibited from using their eligibility to obtain permits for first-years, sophomores, or for any student who is serving a suspension for parking permit priivileges.

Restricted permits

We hope to offer some permits to sophomores (i.e. with 26-58 units on record), but they will be Restricted permits and few in number (the range in recent years has been from 20-70). The number of requests by sophomores typically exceeds the number of permits available. Students with sophomore standing must also not be considered a first-year student by the college (i.e. first-year attending college, even if they have advanced units on their record) to be considered for a Restricted permit.

Sophomores may "Request a Permit" at this Student Parking site (beginning in June), but we will not use a "first-come, first-served" approach for processing requests by sophomores. Therefore, there will not be a waitlist in the general sense. We will use this two-step approach:

  1. Sophomores need to submit an appeal as part of the online request process. Appeals will be reviewed in July and August.
  2. We may use a random process for equallyqualifying appeals. The earliest we may grant permits to sophomores will be in July.

All requests by sophomores will initially fail in the online process because we will allocate zero (0) permits at the outset. The screen message will indicate the request is "unsuccessful." We will notify by email only after appeals are reviewed and we grant a permit.

If a permit is granted, it will likely be restricted by parking location during business hours on week days. We will require vehicles with Restricted permits to be parked in a less-used parking area on lower campus from 7:30am-4:00pm, Monday-Friday. Transfer students should contact Housing in June to request assistance with eligibility, since they may not have the requisite number of units on record to be eligible during the online process. Sophomores are prohibited from having juniors or seniors obtain permits on their behalf.

Temporary permits

Any upper class student (i.e. sophomore, junior, or senior) may request a temporary permit from the Housing & Parking Office, but medically-related requests are not handled by the Housing Office. A student with a medical need should contact the Campus Health Center to meet with the doctor. The Campus Health Center may have some transportation options available, and can issue temporary parking permits for students with their own vehicles. A student with a disability may contact the Office of Disability Services (ODS). For long-term medical needs, the campus doctor and the Director of ODS may authorize issuance of a Regular permit from the Housing Office.