Limitations for parking permits

We do not issue a single permit for the entire academic year, so students who want to operate a vehicle for the entire year need to obtain a permit for each semester. In the Fall semester, most students may obtain a Spring semester permit at the same time in which the Fall semester decal is affixed. Sophomores who are offered Fall permits from the waitlist are not offered the Spring permit.

Permit privileges are not transferable. Students may not obtain a permit for a vehicle belonging to another student or family member, or primarily operated by another student.

All permits have date limits; they become invalid after their expiration date. Any student serving a suspension for multiple traffic or permit violations is ineligible until the suspension is cleared.

Some parking areas are restricted for students. In addtion to campus signage, see the Pkg Lot Map for an overview.

The DC parking lot
  • A vehicle with a Regular or Soph permit may not park in the KSC/Dining Commons lot during business days Monday-Friday from 7:30 AM-2:30 PM. This is the most common parking infraction, according to Public Safety. For other parking rules and restrictions, see Vehicle Regulations.
Sophomore permits
  • The number of Soph permits for eligible sophomores is limited. When the limit has been reached, sophomores' requests will be waitlisted when they try to Request a Permit online. It is worthwhile to be on the waitlist as additional permits may become available at a later date. However, additional Soph permits for fall semester might not be available until the Fall Holiday in October, if at all. Similarly, additional Soph permits for the spring semester may not be available until the President's holiday in February, if at all. Sophomores should not bring vehicles to the Santa Barbara or the campus unless they have successfully requested a permit online.