Westmont Recycling

Student participation is an important element of Westmont's Recycling Program

Recycling Staff

Phil Baker, Grounds & Automotive DirectorPhil Baker
Manager of Grounds

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Why recycle?

We believe that that all things were created by God and that humans are uniquely charged with caring for the planet: its people, ecosystems and resources. Since Jesus Christ suffered and died for sake of the world, Westmont rejects any philosophy that shirks the responsibility of caring for it. Our goal is to be faithful in our present duties in hope of the redemption of creation promised in the scriptures.

Sustainability Efforts
  • We have placed over 55 commingled recycling containers in centralized outdoor locations around campus. These bins are emptied twice a week by our staff. All materials from these bins are sent to a recycling sorting plant in Goleta . Click here for more information.
  • Our Custodial Department uses Green Seal Certified Cleaning Products, microfiber cloths (no chemicals) and HEPA vacuums for improved air quality. Visit the custodial services website.
  • We have installed waterless urinals and low-flow toilets in our dorms and administrative buildings.
  • Our athletic fields are irrigated with well water stored in an on-campus reservoir.
  • We use a fleet of over 50 electric golf carts for on-campus transportation instead of trucks and gas powered vehicles.
  • We regularly partner with the office of Student Life to educate students about Westmont's recycling program and to encourage greater campus participation. Click here to see some of our print media.
  • Our Information Technology department recycles (recharges) used printer toner cartridges. Old electronics are also recycled by our Information Technology department. Contact Jeff Aquilon for a campus pickup.
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Click here to see some of our print media.

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The Westmont College Physical Plant is committed to adopting practices that dovetail with local and national recycling and sustainability efforts.