Shipping "Overnight" to Westmont

UPDATED 7/18/2014

All shipping services may be utilized however, we recommend you do not use USPS Express Mail for overnight services. The US Postal Service does not deliver to Westmont - we retrieve our own mail and packages in the morning and then must still sort it throughout the rest of the day. For this reason, the USPS may not have the package processed before we pick up and it will remain at the USPS postal annex another 24 hours before we get it and still have to sort that mail. The USPS shows the package as "delivered" when they process it, but it may still be in their possession, and after we pick it up that day or next, we will still need several hours before it gets processed in Mailing Services.

Other less mainstream carrier services may be unfamiliar with Westmont and also will not actually get the package to us to get to you overnight. Many of them often show up after we are closed and have to come back the next day.

For GUARANTEED overnight service, please utilize UPS Overnight or FedEx Express Overnight options when shipping packages to Westmont College. Those services deliver directly to us in the morning Monday through Friday, and we process them same day for department mail runs or student pickup by 4:00 closing.

From the Los Angeles area or closer, UPS Ground or FedEx Ground will also deliver to us the next Monday through Friday morning.

However, do not ever pay for Saturday delivery with ANY service when shipping on a Friday because we will not receive it until Monday anyway.