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Resources for Department Chairs


Faculty Position Request Form (docx)

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Academic Grant Worksheet
Adjunct Faculty Recommendation Form Adjunct Faculty Evaluation Form

Guidelines for New Course Proposals


Guidelines on Filmmaking in the Curriculum

Hiring Resources Departments requesting a new faculty position or seeking to fill a vacancy should submit a Faculty Position Request Form to the Provost by September 1 of the year they wish to conduct the search. For some principles guiding decisions about hiring and a checklist of responsibilities, see this document. Requests will be considered by the Provost in consultation with Faculty Senate. Responses to requests will be given by October 1.

Departments seeking to hire part-time faculty should follow the process outlined below and on the Adjunct Faculty Recommendation Form.

  1. Adjunct position approved by the Provost’s Office (typically, this conversation begins with the department chair and the Associate Provost).
  2. Department chair recruits candidate and recommends selection to the Provost’s Office by submitting the Adjunct Faculty Recommendation Form to provost’s administrative assistant;
  3. Candidate submits part-time faculty application and CV to the Provost’s administrative assistant;
  4. When background check is complete, provost (or representative) interviews candidate; recommendation form, application and CV must be on file in Provost’s Office before the background check will be scheduled).
  5. When the Provost approves the candidate, contract is sent to department chair, who sends it to candidate.  Contract will remind candidate that the course and the salary are contingent on sufficient enrollment in the section.

Resources for Faculty Searches

Checklist of Tasks Permissable Interview Questions

The Tasks of Department Chairs A detailed description of the responsibilities and tasks of department chairs can be found here.

The Department Chairs Calendar provides an overview of the yearly tasks and deadlines relevant to chairs. It is also available for the Google calendar on my.Westmont (contact the provost's administrative assistant for the url).

Approval of New Courses Proposals for new courses should be submitted to the registrar for review by the Senate Review Committee. The required components of the proposal are described on this checklist. For instructions about submitting a course for GE credit, see the General Education site.

Annual Assessment and Six-Year Program Review Forms and Schedules


Vendorlink Instructions

Check request Journal entry Reports

Resources for Overseeing Adjuncts New adjuncts will appreciate your help and that of your administrative assistant in getting them keys, finding their classrooms, getting set up with WebAdvisor, etc. Department chairs should plan to observe one or two of their adjuncts' courses during the semester and solicit some student feedback. This checklist provides some suggestions for orienting and overseeing adjuncts. This page provides some resources for part-time faculty.

At the end of each semester (December 15 and May 15), department chairs should file an Adjunct Faculty Evaluation Form with the Provost's Office.

Resources for Supervising Staff and Student Workers Department chairs oversee secretaries in their departments and will be asked to submit a performance evaluation of these staff members each year (May 15). Resources for managing and evaluating staff can be found here.

Hiring administrative and other staff (non-faculty) Use of Student Grading Assistants

For questions about this page, please contact Barb Kennedy at 565-6007 or by email.