Armington Halls

Armington Halls


Houses: 2nd & 3rd Year Students (Sophmore & Junior Status)

Built: 1970

Named After: Everett and Eleanor Armington, who served as the primary donors for the building. They also donated funds to the Roger John Voskuyl Library, the Nancy Voskuyl Memorial, the President's Council, and many many more things at Westmont College.

Interesting Fact: Armington used to host Westmont's Radio Station for campus in Section A.

Claim to Fame: Armington Halls has won 11 Spring Sing Titles. The most recent in 2010, 2004, and 1997.

Vision Statement for 2017-2018: " Fragments of light. Redeemed by grace. Unified in joy."

General Description: Under the shade of California oak trees, the four split-level buildings of Armington creates an indoor labyrinth of hallways, balconies, and lounges. Four three-room suites open to a common lounge, a convenient place to study and meet friends.

Armington is Westmont's largest residence hall. Most rooms are double occupancy, with some accommodating three students. Men and women occupy alternate floors.

Located on lower campus, Armington residents enjoy close proximity to the Art Center and Reynolds Gallery, the Health and Counseling Centers, and the Abbott Tennis Courts.


  • Monthly Spontaneous Study Break Pancake Night: Every month, the Resident Assistants will whip up several batches of pancakes for the residents to take a study break. These nights come as a nice welcome surprise and provide an opportunity for students to take a breather before hitting the books again.
  • Armington Gala: The Armington Gala has been a tradition for over 10 years. Every year residents are invited to come in their best dress to a themes gala to enjoy some amazing desserts and hot drinks.
  • Lower Campus Block Party: As a final hurrah of the school year, the halls on Lower Campus join together to celebrate with a cookout, music, and showcasing hall talents.