Emerson Hall

Emerson Hall

Houses: First & Second Year Students

Built: 1983

Named After: Dr. Wallace Emerson, Westmont College's First President (1940-1946)

Interesting Fact: It took 19 years before the residence hall was given a proper name. The residence hall was first called the "New Dorm" before being called "Everest" until finally named "Emerson" in 2002 by the Board of Trustees.

Claim to Fame: Emerson Hall won Spring Sing Sweepstakes in 2015.

Vision Statement for 2017-2018: "Embrace and Pursue."

General Description: Panoramic views of the Santa Barbara Channel Islands and the Santa Ynez Mountains greet the reidents of Emerson each day. Perched at the very top of campus, this two-story building features four split-level living areas, each with a traditional hallway to which all the rooms open. The two upper floors have high, angled ceilings, a popular feature that provides a roomy interior and extra storage possibilities.

With a recently remodeled hall kitchen, Emerson is a great place to gather with friends to share a meal or dessert. The beautiful outdoor patio boasts views of the Channel Islands, a gas grill, and outdoor lights, creating a fun atmosphere with great opportunities for community building. The 2nd Floor Lounge hosts the Emerson Eatery (a small store) for residents each evening and the 4th Floor Lounge houses a ping-pong table. Around 100 first year students and sophomores call Emerson home each year. Men and women occupy alternate floors and the majority of rooms are double occupancy, with about a dozen accommodating three students.

Each floor has its own centrally located laundry room and community bathroom. Emerson features special accessibility to comply with the provisions of the Americans with Disability Act.


  • Clarkson Broomball: Emerson and Clark Halls join together for a night of friendly broomball competition each spring. Utilizing an ice rink in Goleta, it is one of the most popula events!
  • Giant Bubble Stress Relief Study Breaks: Students enjoy getting competitive and relaxing on the front patio while they make giant bubbles. They usually enjoy a delicious treat while making the bubbles, running through bubbles, and just having tons of random fun!
  • Chat with a Professor: Emerson is known for hosting profesors and their families (and sometimes their pets) for an evening of snacks, storytelling, and Q&A. It's a great opportunity to welcome professors into our campus home and to get to know them outside of the classroom.